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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Breathe (2 am)

Texas Songbird: I've been trying to get in here all day, my house is a zoo...lol.......Wow Lady!!!! I would never even attempt this!!!!... You are amazing!!! There is just nothing you can't sing!... xoxoxoxo... :)Ellan
Reply: You and I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much in common, I call my house a zoo all the time and even have a resident monkey (my 13 mo. old granddaughter Ellie) lol. Very grateful you made the time to come listen to lil ol' me hun, I was right proud o' disun I was! Big smooches Ellan!!!!! xxxx Cathi

Song: I ll Walk Alone

Texas Songbird: Wondeful listen... So great to hear you again... :) Ellan
Reply: Ellan, Thank you so very much. Best to you. Alan

Song: CRYING *(Duet)

Texas Songbird: Cindy, You guys sound so great on this... just a beautiful listen... I've really missed hearing Scott... But, then again, I've missed hearing just about everybody lately...Nobody can do R O songs better than Scott, and you sound like an angel... What a great team you make...:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Yes, Scott is the "King of Roy Orbison songs", no doubt about it!! Glad you liked our duet, we so enjoyed doing it. Scott and I thank you for your nice comment, Ellan. :) ~ Cin

Song: That Old Feeling

Texas Songbird: My Best Singing Buddy, I've been checking in, but haven't felt much like commenting yet... But, when I saw this, I could not sit silently by, and not let you know how I feel. Eventhough, I'm sure you already know... It breaks my heart to see you leave... I know you wouldn't make such a decision, lightly, so I will have to respect that... I will miss you terribly, who's gonna give me a hard time? or worse yet, who am I gonna pick on???.... I hope you will appear again, "over there".. It won't be the same, but it's certainly better than nothing... My Dad's funeral is on Friday, so I am still away from home... I would love for e you to e-mail me... Take care, Buddy....xoxoxoxox...Ellan

Song: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Texas Songbird: Beautiful job on this Miss Singer... You are a welcome addition to our SS family...:) Ellan
Reply: Thanks for the welcome Ellan!

Song: Hotel California

Texas Songbird: Hey James I've been missin you...Probably my fault. I've been really tied up with family stuff lately.... and Jodie, this was a great listen for me. From one Houston Gal to another...Hope we get to hear lots more...) Ellan

Song: Cry me a river

Texas Songbird: Hey Billy, This is one of my all time favorite songs. I've subbed it myself, I love to sing it...Your version is delicious...You always give me goosebumps...:) Ellan
Reply: Thx Ellan Do you still have your version listed?'ll have to check it out..would love to hear:)

Song: Better Man

Texas Songbird: James,i have to agree with Mark, You are such a good singer and I love your subs, but I have to put on the headphones to get enough volume to hear it well, but I sure won't count that against you ....:) Ellan
Reply: Once again.. sorry bout the volume.. I have found that with too much, The track will distort in certain areas and with too little, you can't hear anything.. Im still learning this mixing thing so thanks for your input..Thanks for the compliment also.. James :)

Song: she cant say i didnt cry

Texas Songbird: Pop...This was Perfectly Beautiful....the mix and your vocal sounded GREAT!!!.... Hope you have a great weekend. :) Ellan

Song: Its Only Make Believe

Texas Songbird: This guy Neale is making the rounds tonite...There's one in every message board....Well, dispite his obvious musical expertise...in my amatuer opinion, I think this was FAB!!! Now go listen to some of my subs and then some of Neale'....OHHHHHHH YEA! He doesn't have any, imagine that!!!!! Great job :) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Thanks for stopping bye for a listen. Appreciate it bunches.

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