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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Me and Mrs Jones

Texas Songbird: Hello Billy, It's so nice to hear something from you. It has been way too long... I lost you shortly into the song. I don't know if it's a site problem or my pc... But I was loving what I was hearing until it faded away much too soon... Hope you won't be a stranger. I very much enjoy your wonderful voice... :) ~~~Ellan

Song: Just got started loving you

Texas Songbird: Oh, I've been hoping someone would do this one... I love this song, and you've done it up just right... GREAT JOB. I really enjoyed your performance Al.... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan.

Song: Somebody s Knockin

Texas Songbird: Hey Sweetie-pie... It's GREAT to have a sub from you... We miss you when you're not here... Great job on this! Have a wonderful weekend and hurry back here...XOXO :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hey Ellan, sorry I am so scarce RL stuff going on. Thanx for being here. Hope things are good fr you. Take care. XOXOXOX :) Cindy

Song: I Dont Want To Lose You

Texas Songbird: I just can't tell you enough, how much I LOVE to hear you sing Morgan... This is sheer beauty... Love, peace and happiness. You deliver it wrapped up in a song, everywhere you go... You are awesome Cuz... xox :) ~~~El
Reply: Thanks El.You know how i love seeing you.Muah.

Song: Letters from home

Texas Songbird: Hi Al... You sound like a Texas country boy to me... A very excellent rendition of this song... I very much enjoyed your sub... GREAT JOB. So glad they let you back in...lol... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan

Song: Reunited duet with RAVEN

Texas Songbird: I already gave you two Super Pro talents my rave review over there where I saved this fantastic performance, but it still deserves another listen or 10, so here I am again to tell you how great you two are together... I'm glad you were finally able to get it up over here... JUST FABULOUS! I LOVE you both so much!!! XOXO~~~El
Reply: El we both thank you sooo much for your wonderful support.You were so kind over yonder and equally kind here.We love you too!!Morgan.

Song: Do You Want To Touch Me There

Texas Songbird: WOW CINDY!!! This was GREAT!!! I loved this listen!... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan...cool to know that you enjoy Rock songs too. Happy you liked me on this, thank you! :) ~ Cindy

Song: Rockferry

Texas Songbird: Hi Genise, It really has been a long time. Wondeful to hear you again. This sounds just fine to my ears. You'll have to come and hang out with us more, we're really not sop bad...lol... Really, it is great to have you singing here again. My thanks to Ken... :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: ahh i will pop by every now and again to be quite honest i dont record that much i perhaps normally record 1 song every month or so i delete far more than i actually save vocal wise hehehe thanks for ya great welcome and comment :-))


Texas Songbird: Wonderful to hear your beautiful voice again Linda... This was mezmerizing... I love listening to you... please don't stay away so long... :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hey Ellan and tysm i love when ppl like you listen to it to..smiles makes it worth it..i appraciate ya nice comments ..regards and hugs Linda

Song: Born to be Wild

Texas Songbird: Sometimes I wish I was born to be wild... but I'm afraid I was just born to be Mild... I suppose it still not too late. Whatca think? lol... Loved my listen Tom, It's great to hear you havin so much fun... Have a GREAT Day my friend and KEEP SINGIN'!... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hello Ellan Dear... Oh Honey It's NEVER to late, took me over thirty years to figure that out.... Keep in mind, at one time I was a Blonde, (before the gray)...LOL .. IMHO.. if it feels good, Go for it... BUT... If It feels REALLY GOOD< go for it at least twice !!!... Thank You Dear Heart for the Great & Sweet comment..Your Friend....Tom..OOXX

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