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Karaoke Scene Magazine presents KaraokeFest 2014

Creme de la Creme

Singing Competition
WEEK 5 • 22 Venues

KaraokeFest Logo
creme-de-la-creme creme-de-la-kids
creme-de-la-king creme-de-la-tributes
KaraokeFest 2014 - Sat., Sept. 6th at the LA County Fair

KJ of the Year - Nominees

KaraokeFest LIVE!

This year we will be broadcasting (StreamCasting) KaraokeFest 2014 from the LA County Fair, the Creme de la Creme Club Finals from all 22 venues, plus both the Creme de la Kids & Creme de la Tributes competitions from the Orange County Market Place!

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KSM is a bi-monthly publication (published every 2 months) and is the absolute best source of information about Karaoke available. It is read by tens of thousands of Karaoke enthusiasts all over the world. Each issue is packed full of interesting information on a wide variety of subjects such as the latest Karaoke industry information, improving your singing, making music/singing a profession, Karaoke as home and club entertainment, getting started in the Karaoke business, and so much more

Our website is extremely popular with enthusiasts all over the world and is always among the top ranked Karaoke sites in the major search engines. We offer many exclusive features for our visitors & members such as our Singer's Showcase (where singers can post their recordings to be heard by people all over the world), the Karaoke Forums (stay in touch with the latest in what's happening), the Club Directory (the world's largest - just click to find a club or venue near you wherever you are), the KJ Directory (do you need a great KJ for your club or any special occasion?), and much, much more!

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Karaoke Forums · Latest Posts
KaraokeFest - Venues
venue2.jpg Seeking Venues in Southern California for the Creme de la Creme & Creme de la King singing competitions. KJs sign your venue up - L...
by Phill Cross on Wed, Apr 2nd - 6:44 pm
Karaoke Discussions
What This Website Needs
What This Website Needs .....now, is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of.... :grouphug:...
by TopherM on Fri, Aug 22nd - 7:21 am
Singer Showcase Discussions
submiting song
Common to be kicked out when odd characters are in the file name. Trim it down. Don't get fancy....
by jdmeister on Thu, Aug 21st - 3:24 pm
Technical Discussions
Audio normalizing for different tracks
I've been using Breakaway for the last 5 years with no issues. All my low to high recorded music is pretty much equal to the point of little to no ad...
by Lonman on Fri, Aug 22nd - 5:33 am
The Lounge
Comic Book On Ebay
That's not just any old comic book. That's the holy grail of comic books. The first appearance of Superman in 1938, in mint condition. Less than 50 ...
by Bazza on Mon, Aug 18th - 9:36 am
Singer's Showcase · Latest Submissions
William_Van_Howston My Little Doggy
Submitted by William_Van_Howston on Fri, Aug 22nd
Lonman Black Diamond
Submitted by Lonman on Thu, Aug 21st
Connie Fall Behind Me
{The Donnas}
Submitted by Connie on Wed, Aug 20th
DEE Brave
{Josh Groban}
Submitted by DEE on Wed, Aug 20th
Lonman Big Balls
Submitted by Lonman on Wed, Aug 20th

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