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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Its Such A Pretty World Today

Texas Songbird: Hi Sweets, Sure is great to have you back... And wonderful to HEAR you... You sound terrific with those chipmunks... Love ya, xoxo~~~Ellan
Reply: Ellan sweet lady. Hope life is like every thing yummy in the world for you. Take care & Thanx :)Hugz & kisses, :) Cindy

Song: Before He cheats

Texas Songbird: Really Stacy, you have done an excellent performance on this song... I'll bet everyone of us Girls, Gals, Ladies, Chicks, Babes, Dolls, Honeys, Bitches, Witches, Mamas and Grannys in here, that have heard this song, LOVE it!... It won a Grammy for song of the year...I belt it with the radio, but I don't think I could pull it off to really perform it, But YOU sure did!! Congratulations on a GREAT JOB! :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Thanks a lot Ellan, I'm flattered, Glad you enjoyed it so much. I know I enjoyed singing it. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Stacy

Song: Summertime

Texas Songbird: WOW JUSTIN!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! One of my favorite songs of all time... Great backing and your singing is AWESOME! Wonderful blues man... :) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan - WOW! thanks for such great words on this sub - I ripped this backing from the sims on stage website also - theu have some great stuff on there! SO glad yo liked this! :)

Song: Give Me One Reason

Texas Songbird: Really wonderful performance Justin... You are an awesome singer... Great to hear you again...:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Hi ellan - you really give me too much praise lady! its great to be back amongst you all! TC :)

Song: harrys bar

Texas Songbird: Hello NSR... This is very very nice Sir... Welcome to SS, hope to hear lots more... :) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Thank you for your kind comments

Song: Stranglehold

Texas Songbird: Mike and The Stands is GREAT!!! You know Mike, I am on foreign ground with Metal music, but you are such a versitile and talented singer, I enjoy listening to all you do... I loved the description and the listen so much... Thanks Mike and The Stands... Y'all are AWESOME!!!
Reply: Hi Ellan, And welcome to my world or should I say our world? LOL again! Thanks a million for all the outstanding comments you've left us. We really appreicate you stopping in for a listen. Your friends, ~ "The Singing Mike & The Stands" ~

Song: You Got A Friend

Texas Songbird: You really do have a fabulous voice Linda and your own very unique style... This was an amazing performance...I enjoyed it so much...:) :) :) Ellan


Texas Songbird: It's OK Bobby... Keep em' coming... You got a lot of lost time to make up for and everybody wants to hear you... Spell it any way you want to Sweetie... You sang it just perfect!!!...xoxoxo...:) Ellan
Reply: Hi There sweetie....yep lots of time to make up for thats for sure.....glad you liked this xxxxx

Song: You Gave Me A Mountain

Texas Songbird: WOW! WOW! WOW!... I am such a fan of yours Ted... This was just terrific!...:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Ellan, "Another Fan" I may have to go back out on the road again..Lol.... Be Well my friendl... Ted.


Texas Songbird: Oh my sweet friend, Bobby... I have missed you... It's just sooooo wonderful to hear you again... I hope you are doing better... I have had one helluva year myself, but I'm back here now, and so glad to be listening to you again...XOXOXO...:) Ellan
Reply: hi there Ellen.. so glad you stopped by hun....hope your troubles have passed too now Ellen.... i hope i can move forward at last.. my life has been a nightmare lol.... time to get on with the rest of it i think,....... time stands still for no man.. make hay while the sun shines lol... many a good sayings that i would never have thought of during 2007 lol.. take care ellen its good to be back

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