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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Break It To Me Gently

Texas Songbird: There are definitely much worse addictions... I would call this more of an obsession, for me...And listening to you Cher, I think we have alot in common... You nailed this song!!!! I'll bet your daddy was so proud of you...wonderful job on this!!!...xox...;) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Hey Ellan.....I'm thinking we have a WHOLE lot in common too!! Let's chat!! My Dad would have loved the success I've had in the music industry and my Mom still comes to most of my gigs at 80 years old!! Hope to get to know you and share more music together. Thank you for your kind words Ellan!!! I'm a fan of your voice by the way!!!! Crooning as I go............Cher

Song: One Moment In Time

Texas Songbird: Nice Cher...Welcome here, we have lot's of fun. Love the emotion you express... And your voice is beautiful..Thank you for getting my attention... I really loved my listen...my best for your Mom's recovery...:) Ellan
Reply: Ellan...thank you...it's nice to be here and have some fun. I'm a sucker for those emotional songs.....can really wrap your tongue around them ya know !!!! HAHAHA I'm glad you enjoyed the song...it's an old fav or mine!! Rockin as I go..............CHer

Song: Something Stupid Duet with Cindy

Texas Songbird: So great to see you Danny... Hope all is well... You guys sound so adorable on this... You made me smile big down here in Texas...xoxxo...:) Ellan
Reply: Oh, I'm sure that you've got the biggest and loveliest Texas smile there is, Ellan! Loved your comment! Hugs! Dan
Nigel Craft
Nigel Craft

Song: Bridge over troubled waters

Texas Songbird: Welcome Nigel, Beautiful performance... Your voice is wonderful... Hope to hear lots more... We have some real talent here many really good with no pro training... You will be amazed at how much talent, and it will be great having you in the mix... Great sub:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: thank you,im amazed that everyone thinks my voice is wonderful.thank you so much

Song: The Girl From Ipanema

Texas Songbird: Billy, Billy..... Where have you been with that beautiful voice of yours?... Always a pleasure to hear, and worth waiting for... Great listen as always... Hurry back....:) :) :) Ellan

Song: An Evening of Roses (Hebrew)

Texas Songbird: What a great relief for you Danny, This was such a beautiful listen... Thank you...xoxoxo...:) Ellan
Reply: It sure is good to have such great friends like you, Ellan :) Thanks very much, hon! Hugs! Dan

Song: The Sloop John B

Texas Songbird: It really makes us realize how insignificant most of or little problems are... I am so sorry to hear how this terrible crisis is touching your life Danny... I pray everyone you love will stay safe... It's wonderful to hear your voice this morning...xoxoxo...:) Ellan
Reply: Thanks very much for your kind words of concern, Ellan. This isn't the first nor will it be the last war Israel will have to fight. But any war is too much. Hugs! Dan

Song: Best Fishes 4 a wonderful couple

Texas Songbird: Awwww Danny, Bob told me I needed to check this out.... What a GEORGEOUS couple!!! Wonderful dedication, beautifully sung....Thank you for draggin' my VP out of the woodwork..... I have missed all of you so much and I will thank Nick for luring me back to see how much I've been missing... You guys are good...xoxoxo...Ellan
Reply: Us guys and you are one and the same, Ellan :) I couldn't resist showing off Bob's and Karen's picture. Good to see you back again, girl! Hugs! Dan

Song: My Immortal duet with ~Rush~

Texas Songbird: I made it! I made it! ...Please dont bring down the curtain before I get to tell you how fabulous this is!... You two sound so great!!! I sure am glad to see you gettin' back up to speed, girlfriend... I sure wish we could spend a week together so you could give me some recording lessons... It could happen one day... In the mean time I'll just enjoy your amazing skills and appreciate... Sorry it took me so long to get in here, sweetie... I can't wait for things to settle down around here...... Until the next round, anyway...LOL... I know, you know how it goes... Never a dull moment...Luv ya, honey...xoxoxo...:) Ellan
Reply: Careful whatcha wish for girl, it just might happen. I can definitely see a vacation in my future and what better place to go than Texas. We'd have a blast wouldn't we? Hey, we might even let Tommy hang out a bit (if he's lucky hehehehe). I knew you'd make it sweetie, that danged thang called life is always gettin' in the way of things we'd rather be doin' lol. Tell 'em all to go away so we can catch up lol Love ya gurl!!!! xxxx Cathi


Texas Songbird: I had to step away from my cauldren for a minute to grab a listen to a couple of my theme songs... You sure do a fabulous job on these... Gotta run to the store now... I'm completely out of eye of gnute, and I must have plenty on hand... see ya 'round...:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Ellan: LOL. Thanks. -- Donn

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