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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Look At You Girl

Texas Songbird: Your sweetie is a lucky girl... This is simply beatiful Ken... I really love it when you croon a country love song... One of my favorites from you so far... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one,and I really do appreciate all the nice compliments. Merry Christmas to you and your family...Ken
the crooner
the crooner

Song: Christmas Time Is Here

Texas Songbird: Happiest of Holidays to you Dennis... This was perfectly rendered, as eveything I've ever heard from your amazing talented self, always, is... Loved listening to you this morning... :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan, Thanks so much for the great comment. It's great to drop in to visit my SS friends... Have a Happy Holiday...

Song: Baby Come To Me duet w RAVEN

Texas Songbird: Hi Sweet Cuz-o-mine, I sure have missed you both... WOW!!! Two of the greatest singers on the planet making magic again... It just doesn't get any better!!! Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.... MUAH!!!!! ~~~El
Reply: Hey cuz!! You are always so very kind with your wonderful comments and of we both thank you so very much.MUAH!!Morgan
the crooner
the crooner

Song: The Christmas Song Chestnuts

Texas Songbird: Thanks for paying us a visit with this beautiful holiday treat Dennis, everyone here is happy to have you share your wonderful talent anytime you can... Very much enjoyed your awesome rendition of one of my favorite Christmas songs... Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.... :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan, SS is one place on this planet that I can be sure to find great people. Thanks for giving a listen. Have a great Thanksgiving...


Texas Songbird: You are sure showing your versatility on this Pete, much different than I expect from you...You're so good at so many different styles of music...Very impressive Sir, and very much enjoyed... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Ellan: What a nice comment from you. Thanks for stopping by. Pete-Rendition

Song: angel

Texas Songbird: I love them all too, but "Follow That Dream" is my all time favorite Elvis movie, and this is my favorite song from the movie... You did a wonderful rendition of it! I Loved my first listen to you, welcome to SS.:) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Howdy ellen; Thanks again,ya'lls comments help me so much. Gary

Song: Frank Mills

Texas Songbird: What a lovely voice you have Marisasan... Wlcome to SS, I hope you'll be sharing lots more of your talent with us... This was delightful... :) :) :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Thanks very much for the feedback and the welcome Ellan!
ronny p
ronny p

Song: Sara smile

Texas Songbird: If this just havin fun, I'd love to hear you when you get serious... :) An absolutely flawless and pro sounding performance... Wow! ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hey there, thanks for listening, I do appreciate it very much. I have to turn in now but tomorrow I am going to give a listen to you and the other good folks that have been checking me out. Ronny P...


Texas Songbird: Welcome to SS Shane... Most excellent performance on this classic... :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Thank you very much,, have a great day..
Nigel Craft
Nigel Craft

Song: My Way

Texas Songbird: Nigel, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. You are such a wonderful singer, it would be a shame to let that go... I know how you're feeling, having lost both of my parents in recent years, and I promose you it will get easier. I've missed hearing you and hope you'll be back here sharing your gift with us... You have a beautiful voice and it should be shared... ~~~Ellan

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