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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: From Out Of The Night

Texas Songbird: Very Lovely ..... I really enjoyed my first listen to you... Welcome to SS... :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan,Sorry so late with reply but thought I had done all.pleased you enjoyed Art

Song: You Had Me From Hello

Texas Songbird: Hello Ken............ Kenny Chesney has some of the best songs, but I honestly prefer listening to you... You did a wonderful job on this... Loved my listen this morning... :) :) :) ~~Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan, I sure thank you for that very nice comment ! That was sure very nice & made me smile...Ken
Tony Tiber
Tony Tiber

Song: If I Loved You

Texas Songbird: I just love this song Tony, from one of my favorite musicals... A wondeful performance and Beautiful singing as always... :) :) :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Ellan... Thank you so very much for your very warm and kind words...

Song: Bama Breeze

Texas Songbird: This should do wonders to cheer your friend up... Another professional sounding display of your imense talent, Ken... I'm telling you you are just sooo good... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Ellan, it's always a pleasure knowing you enjoyed a song of mine. I really appreciate the listens and super nice comments very much...Ken

Song: Remember Then HB (PFL)

Texas Songbird: I second that! WOW!!! This was a wonderful performance... Perfect for Lenny... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan

Song: Flies on the Butter

Texas Songbird: My goodness Cathi, This is just BEAUTIFUL... I love this song so much and I can't imagine that it has ever been performed any better than this... I think you've found your perfect match... and that mandolin, WOW, so beautiful.... A perfect birthday gift for a heck of a special lady... This was heavenly Cathi... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Mike is a real talent and I'm so lucky he wants to sing and do projects with me. I have found my perfect match hun, it took me long enough huh!!! Thankee much for being a great friend Ellan, love ya girlie :))
Tony Tiber
Tony Tiber

Song: Poetry In Motion

Texas Songbird: Exactly the way I remember it!!! Great job on this oldie Tony... Feelin good is just how it left me... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Heyyy Ellan... So glad you enjoyed my song.. I really appreciate that and your kind words...

Song: Dance With My Father

Texas Songbird: An absolutely beautiful rendition... Welcome to SS... I loved my listen to you this morning... :) :) :) :) :)~~~Ellan
Reply: Thanks again Ellan for the welcome greeting to SS. Thanks also for the nice comment you left me here. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Song: I Just Cant Help Believing

Texas Songbird: This was a big hit for BJ Thomas also... And it sounds like a big hit for you, to my ears Brian... An excellent rendition... I loved my listen here this morning... I hope there's lots more to come... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Ellan ,thankyou so much ,love your comments, but i think Elvis would be a hard act to follow, what a star he was,love and best wishes Brian

Song: Dont Let Me Down

Texas Songbird: Is this a first sub for you Scarrabri? A wonderful performance of this Beatles song... Welcome to SS... I enjoyed my first listen to you very much... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan .................Edit: It played just fine for me I had no problem hearing the entire great sub twice....:) :) :) 2nd edit: It is still playing for me hours later,so the problem isn't on your end Brian...:)
Reply: hey thanks for listening,,i too could make it work,but there are a lot who cant, thank you any way ,Brian

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