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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment
Tony Tiber
Tony Tiber

Song: Mirrors Never Lie

Texas Songbird: Wow Tony!!! Just plain WOW!!!!...:) :) :)
Reply: Thank you ever so much Ellan... I am so appreciative ..


Texas Songbird: Great Job Donn... I just subbed a version of this myself about a week ago... Sure sounds just fine all the way from Jerusalem... I am a big band fanatic... Loved my listen...:) Ellan
Reply: Thanks, Ellan. I'm going to listen to your version right now. -- Donn

Song: Hurt (Johnny Cash)

Texas Songbird: Drea, I had to come over here and find this and listen again... And comment again... I've been reading all your comments about some pain you've had to live through... Know, my beautiful friend, that very few of us could not relate... This is a wonderful place for us to come and truly help heal each other, by sharing our common passion for music, and our joys and hurts... If you don't give up it WILL get better... And when it does, you will be able to really appreciate it... Pain teaches us lessons and helps us to grow as human beings, if we don't let it cripple us... I believe you'll emerge from that dark place a beautiful butterfly... After listening to this again, I know you already have.... Just keep lookin' up, girl!...xoxoxoxo...:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Ellan thanks so much for your wonderful words. You are so right...I know everyone goes through difficult times in their lives, but that is a part of life and learning to get beyond it is what makes us strong and who we are. I am doing much, much better now and singing this song was the start. It seems like you can only go so far down, then you have to start seeking out the positives again which is what I have done. I sure appreciate you giving me another listen over here..thanks so much!!

Song: Allerseelen

Texas Songbird: Today was my birthday(March 13) and I feel like I have been given a beautiful gift, lisrening to you... Such a gift you have to share...Beautiful!...Ellan
Reply: thankyou for your kind comments! .. and I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!!

Song: Moonlight and Roses

Texas Songbird: Beautiful Victoria... you remind me of Charlotte Church, who, I believe, has the most perfect voice I've ever heard... So I mean it as a sincere compliment.... Beautiful voice...:) Ellan
Reply: hi, thankyou for your very kind comments! I have most of Charlotte Church's classical music and think she is great. I have sung many of the same songs although the only recording of my singing I have already submitted here, so no more for some time I don't think. Thanks for listening to me... Victoria

Song: Im So Lonesome I could cry

Texas Songbird: I just read your comment to Nick about leaving honest comments...and I wanted to let you know that there are lots of people here who really appreciate an honest comment... I welcome and appreciate them... so please feel free to honestly comment on my subs anytime... I am always trying to improve... We can take the truth... My favorite all time version of this song was done by Gary Morris..Have you heard it??? It is wonderful...I enjoyed my listen, Doc...:) Ellan
Lady Di
Lady Di

Song: Sweet Surrender

Texas Songbird: Di, your voice is pure pleasure to listen to... Beautiful performance...xoxo...:) Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan, you are very kind. I am very humbled by all the amazing talent on this site. I appreciate your visiting and comments very much. Thank You Luv Di xx

Song: The Streak

Texas Songbird: I was wondering when you'd post this one... I am listening as I type... I visited your davisworks website today.. Another very impressive aspect of you... Does your talent know no bounds????? You are quite something!...:) Ellan
Reply: Girl... I have so many things I do, it's hard to keep em all straight from time to time. I get on binges and work on one thing for a couple of months... then i move to the next thing for awhile... and put them all into rotation so I don't lose the edge.Before doing all these songs lately... I was working on my modeling... before that I was doing alot of Anime artwork... before that I was doing alot of photography... so... I guess it all depends on what I'm doing next! :D
Lady Di
Lady Di

Song: Lord I Hope This Day is Good

Texas Songbird: I guess I got here just after you left... I am so glad you decided to come back and share that beautiful voice here again... You are an awesome singer....:) Ellan
Reply: Thanks again Ellan, for visiting this submission also. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. Luv Di xxx
Lady Di
Lady Di

Song: Smooth Operator

Texas Songbird: Wow Lady, I am so glad you caught my attention with your comment to me... You are indeed, a welcome addition here... Beautiful vocals... Welcome, welcome, welcome to SS...:) :) :) Ellan
Reply: Hi Ellan and thank you very much for atking the time to listen and comment on my sub. it is much appreciated. I have been missing from SS for about 6 months, but am glad to be back to listen to all the wonderful talent here. Thanks again Luv Di xxx

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