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Frequently Asked Questions on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

.: Frequently Asked Questions :.

These are only general answers to questions. If you do not find the answer here, you may want to post the question in the Karaoke Showcase forum.

How do I submit a song?

After you login, click on Submit. Click browse and locate the song you wish to upload. (Note: this must be in MP3 format.) Select the Genre your submission is in. Type in the Title of your submission. Enter the original artists name, you may leave blank or add your name if it is an original work. Enter a description about the song. After all fields are completed click the "Submit Recording" button. This may take a few minutes, because some songs are rather large. Please be patient and do not click the submit button again.

What if I don't want to others to rank my submission?

If you don't want to have a submission ranked, simply check 'No' on the submission page which says "Rank Submission?". The option of ranking and comments will be removed for all members.

How do I comment on a song?

After you login, you may select any song from the list by clicking on the title. Then at the bottom of the page below the other comments is a place to insert your comments and rank the song. That is if the submitter has allowed this option.

Can I leave comments without casting a score?

Well, the answer is No.
We would like you to rank the performance.
The comment section is to either:
  1. explain why you provided that score
  2. let them know that you enjoyed it
  3. give the submitter critiques of their performance
Preferably you would do a little of each, but at least one of the first two. The comment section is not to start a conversation/discussion, that is why we have the forums.

May I respond to someone's comment?

Yes, only if the comment is on a song you submitted.

Just remember by submitting your songs in the Karaoke Showcase you are welcoming others' to provide their comments. You may not agree with the comments or ranks given, nevertheless, it is inappropriate to berate someone in the comment section of the song submission. Most will be critiques to help you improve. However, if you have a valid complaint, please contact the site administrators who will then determine the appropriateness and possibly remove the offending post.

How do I update my profile?

After you login, click 'Forum Profile' Here you will be able to enter some information about yourself and provide additional information.

How do I see new comments on my submission?

After you login, click 'Showcase Profile' Here you will be able to see the information you provided about yourself and a list of all your submissions. Here you can also Edit a submission, Delete a submission and download your submission.

I paid my membership fee, when will I be upgraded?

Please be advised that it takes up to 48 hours for your account to be upgraded from Standard to Premium.
This is so we can verify funds and confirm that the correct account is credited.

In fact, we often receive funds from some who are using a different email address for their PayPal account, which doesn't match the email provided upon registration. Since we may not know your "Real Name" it often makes it difficult to confirm this.

If this is the case, we will be sending confirmation emails to the addresses provided by PayPal asking for two items: the username and the email address used on any Karaoke Scene site.

What if someone has submitted a song that I want to?

One would believe that with the multitude of karaoke versions of songs available, no two songs would be the same. However, this may occur. While not making it a requirement we suggest that if you wish to submit a song that is already listed that you wait at least a week before you submit your version.

Can I delete a submission?

Yes, however, only your own submission! Also note as a Standard Member your submissions are required to be posted at least 7 days prior to them being deleted. As a Premium Member you can delete a submission at anytime. Further note, that ONLY the submitted mp3 file is deleted, all comments replies and information remain.

If you are a Standard Member that wishes to have a submission deleted, please contact us and explain why your song needs to be deleted. Remember we need to know your username, song title and the reason. Also, if there is a reason that we should delete your entire submission including all comments & replies - please let us know.

Can I download a song?

NO, We are only providing a means by which someone can "Showcase" their talent for the world to listen to. We allow members to listen to the works of others but do not allow them to be downloaded or stored on another computer. There are many reasons for this just one being possible violations of copyright laws.

Whether it is being paid for or not, it would be distributed if we allowed for downloading. To avoid any possible licensing issues, we permit listening only. (However, the person who submitted the song can download as long as they haven't previously deleted the submission and it has not been more than 545 days since the song was submitted.)

Additionally, we are protecting the privacy of the submitter. Their works are only available on this site, which they have personally submitted them to. If someone was to download the singers submission they could very well put it elsewhere on the internet. Without the original submitters permission.

How do I upload an image?

There are a couple locations on the Karaoke Scene site where you may upload an image.
  1. In the Karaoke Forums:
    Your avatar (small image) can be uploaded which will appear with all of you posts. Click 'User Control Panel' in the forums then click 'Profile' under the 'Options' column from there click 'Edit avatar'.
  2. For Karaoke Showcase:
    The avatar that you submitted in the Karaoke Forum will be displayed as your profile image and with any comment you submit.
  3. In the Photo Gallery:
    1. You can submit an image into the Out on the Town Category
    2. Or you can upload and image in you person Gallery.

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