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Comments by chrisdanielz

Comments by chrisdanielz on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment
Lord Burnstrum II
Lord Burnstrum II

Song: Where do you go to my lovely?

chrisdanielz: What? TIK is now down? I didn't know that!! Interesting that they're still trying to charge me fees, and I quit them about a year ago now. Zowie...they were going great guns a couple years ago and I guess hit the wall finally. Meanwhile, here we are LB...And your song soars! Old or not, your recording is incredible. Chris
Reply: Thank you so much Chris for the listen and kind words. I was unaware of the payment woes you had been experiencing with TIK, I did wonder if that's why you'd change your username from time to time. I was actually just about to renew my subs for the site... looks like a lucky escape. Of course, there have been many times we all thought the site was gone for good and it resurfaced... mind you, it was never down THIS long previously...

Song: Green Eyed Lady

chrisdanielz: Here's one I haven't heard in a long while! Truly enjoyed this one!
Reply: Thanks for listening!!!

Song: Traveling Light

chrisdanielz: Hey Rich! Beautiful vocals on this! Had a great time listening!
Reply: Thank you very much for your comments and listening..Rich
Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony

Song: Autumn Leaves

chrisdanielz: Hey Bob...You're sounding like a real crooner out of the golden years. Loved it!
Reply: Hi Chris. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. I grew up idolizing the great crooners! Bob

Song: Over The Rainbow

chrisdanielz: Hi Lee! Yeah, I do remember this version. You did a fabulous job. Actually I prefer this tune to the original
Reply: Thanks Chris, his version was unique and my preference as well! Lee

Song: Best Of My Love

chrisdanielz: Kara! Great hearing you on this! I've always loved this tune.
Reply: Hi Chris, this tune is one of my favorite Eagles' Rock ballads as well. Thank you a lot for your great comment!

Song: Lets Get Started

chrisdanielz: I saw these guys in Nashville something around 1970. Always a great sound. And yours was terrific!
Reply: Thank you for your kind comment and listening!! RICH

Song: After The Lovin

chrisdanielz: I've always really liked this song. Great to hear this from you and a very big feat getting recorded so well at a karaoke event! Chris
Reply: Thank you. I was surprised after singing several songs when the DJ handed me a disc. Probably better that I didn't know.

Song: Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

chrisdanielz: Hey Dusty! Trying to catch up here..haha Wonderful rendition buddy!
Reply: thank you Chris

Song: How Do You Like Me Now

chrisdanielz: Hi Dusty...I thought all this time that phrase came from a rap song...lol Really enjoyed this!
Reply: ty

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Comments by chrisdanielz | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by chrisdanielz on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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