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Karaoke Showcase

Starlyter - Brad

Comments by Starlyter - Brad

Comments by Starlyter - Brad on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Clap For The Wolfman

Starlyter - Brad: This is a new one for me Michel. Great job on the sing my friend. Really enjoyed...Brad
Reply: Hi Brad, thanks to you my friend for your nice comment... Really appreciated...

Song: Poor Side Of Town

Starlyter - Brad: Super sing Rik. Really enjoyed your rendition of this song...Brad
Reply: Hey Brad, thanks for taking time to listen and for the awesome comment.

Song: When A Man Loves A Woman

Starlyter - Brad: And all these years I thought he was singing to Nelly Belle, or could it be Mr. Rogers singing to his coat closet. Not bad for a country dude with a baseball cap. :) Super vocal Tex....Brad
Reply: Thanks Brad. Gotta have the hat to protect upper brain cells. I can’t afford to lose anymore

Song: Ill Go On Loving You

Starlyter - Brad: Loved the recital and sing. Terrific recording Jerry.....Brad
Reply: That recital was all about you my friend! LOL Thank you Brad...so very appreciated! Jerry

Song: Come Dancing

Starlyter - Brad: Hi Joyce. I admit I don't now the song but you pulled everything off superbly. Vocals+ were terrific. Really enjoyed my listen this afternoon....Brad
Reply: Hi Brad.. I appreciate your trust in me in a song you don't know, really! Thanks so much

Song: Youve Got A Friend

Starlyter - Brad: Great song pick Gail. Love to see that video of Carole King and James Taylor in a duet on this one. Great cover my friend...Brad
Reply: Thank you Brad!!I love the videos of great singers like those two ..I'm glad you enjoyed listening today...

Song: Love Letters In The Sand

Starlyter - Brad: Michel, its funny you should pull up a Pat Boone tune because lately he has been pushing one of those pain killers on TV commercials. Great sing my friend. Really enjoyed....Brad
Reply: Hi Brad, thanks to you my friend for your very nice words in your comment... Totally appreciated...

Song: Its Over Now

Starlyter - Brad: Right down your alley. Great job....Brad
Reply: Thanks Brad...

Song: Big Iron

Starlyter - Brad: You can't go wrong with a song like this Jerry. Your familiarity with the tune, you must have heard it when it was first released I bet ole man....LOL....Terrific sing my friend...Brad
Reply: I had the story line and melody in my head when I was just 18 in 1946. I move slow, so I didn't sell it to Marty as fast as I should have. Thank you Brad for the song comment and for hurting my tender feelings! LOL

Song: Its A Beautiful World Out There

Starlyter - Brad: Welcome back Rich. I tried keeping up the Tiki Bar while you were gone but the protests were so severe because of bad drink mixing, I just put up a sign "he'll be back soon" and closed the door. You picked a great song for a comeback my friend. Terrific vocal to go with the upbeat tune. Really enjoyed this afternoon.....Brad
Reply: Good evening my friend!! I can't begin to thank you enough for attempting to keep the Tiki going!! And thank you very much for listening and for your kind words my friend! I am glad to get back to singing, really missed it and everyone here at the Showcase! Thanks again! RICH

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Comments by Starlyter - Brad | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by Starlyter - Brad on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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