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Comments by MichelJ

Comments by MichelJ on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Dont Fear The Reaper

MichelJ: Hi Murlin, wow, a superb performance on this one... Great great job... Like it... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks MichelJ I really appreciate the great comments.
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: Fun Fun Fun

MichelJ: Hello Suzanne, I always like this song and you did a great job on it... Really super... MichelJ...
Reply: Appreciate it, Michel!
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

MichelJ: Hello Suzanne, like Murlinman said, I think you have great fun to sing this one... Really really great... Like it... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks, Michel! It's a very high energy song, that's for sure... if you don't sound like you're having fun, don't even bother :)

Song: Something In Your Mouth Warning

MichelJ: Hi Michael, wowwww, that's ROCK... Splendid performance... Superb voice... Be sure I really enjoyed my listening... MichelJ...
Reply: Hey MichelJ, So here's where you at! - lol - Haven't seen you around for a while. Thanks for rockin' out with and thanks for the great comments my friend... ~ Michael Ray ~

Song: Beyond The Sea

MichelJ: Hi Don, wow, what a superb performance... Excellent... Really enjoyed my listening... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks, Michel.
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: The Locomotion

MichelJ: Hello Suzanne, that's a real good Oldie and you did a superb performance... You bring lot of good souvenirs with this one... Bravo... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks, Michel!

Song: Softly

MichelJ: Hi Dale, a new one for me but I must say you did a fantastic performance my friend... A real pleasure to listen to you... Like it very much... MichelJ...
Reply: MichelJ, Always liked this song, I get very emotional when I sing it, I think I understand it's meaning, and how much it could effect most people. Thanks, Dale
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: Waterloo

MichelJ: Hello Suzanne, wowww, you made me dance this morning... Excellent song choice... Superb performance... Like it very much... Bravo... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks, always glad to make anyone dance, or smile, or just plain not want to barf, LOL!

Song: Crying Time

MichelJ: Hello Virgo, wow, what a great voice you have... A superb performance... Really enjoyed my listening... C'est excellent... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks Michel, glad you enjoyed it :)
The Jazz Singer
The Jazz Singer

Song: Sunday Morning Coming Down

MichelJ: Hi Ivan, a new one for me but I must say you did a super performance... Like it very much... Really great... MichelJ...

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Comments by MichelJ | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by MichelJ on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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