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Comments by MichelJ

Comments by MichelJ on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Paris Sisters

MichelJ: Hello Ruthie, sorry to be so late, you offer a wonderful performance on this great song... Like it very much... Totally enjoyed my listen... MichelJ...
Reply: Thank you so much, Ruthie

Song: Surfin Bird

MichelJ: Hi Tex, gee my friend, you have a lot of breath to sing this song... Excellent performance on this great hit... Really really enjoyed my listen... MichelJ...
Reply: Hello Michel had to do this one sitting down or I would have passed out. Glad you enjoyed it.

Song: Ill Never Fall In Love Again

MichelJ: Hello Gail, as always, another excellent song choice... I like it very much... You offer a wonderful performance... Totally enjoyed my listen... Michel...
Reply: Hellllooooo Michel!!!!! Welcome back...been missing you!!!! I've been taking an extra long nap today and just woke up to see your very welcomed comment..I truly appreciate hearing from you my friend!!! Gail

Song: Dark Hollow

MichelJ: Hi Rich, my friend, you always offer rare pearl... Another great Hit to your Billboard... Remarkable performance... Totally enjoyed my listen... Take care... Michel...
Reply: Good evening Michel!! Great to see you back!! Thank you very much for listening and for your kind comment!!! Take Care, RICH

Song: Spanish Eyes

MichelJ: Hi Jerry, good to be back and listen your incredible voice my friend... Another superb hit for you... Excellent performance... Truly enjoyed my listen... Michel...
Reply: Hi Michel...welcome back to the herd! From Rich's comment, I'm assuming you've be very ill...well, it's wonderful that you're back and feeling well. You rendition of this JM classic is absolutely beautiful I sing several of his classics, but I'd forgotten this one. Love it and you superb rendition!

Song: What The World Needs Now

MichelJ: Hello Abby, excellent song choice for this lovers day... Hope you have a beautiful one... Like your wonderful performance on this great song... Really enjoyed my listen... Michel...
Reply: Happy Valentines Day Michel!!! So nice to hear from you...You have a great day as well!!!

Song: Love Will Find A Way

MichelJ: Hi RIK, what a superb voice you have my friend... You offer a professional performance... Totally like it... Sincerely enjoyed my listen... Bravo to you from Canada... MichelJ...
Reply: Thanks so much Michel and try and keep warm up there. ...:oORIKOo:...

Song: Desperado

MichelJ: Hello Pam, sorry to be so late, gee I love your splendid performance on this very beautiful song... Agree with Gail, it is your very very Best... Totally enjoyed my listen... Michel...
Reply: Hello Sweet Michel. You are not late. I am so happy to see you back here. I have missed you and your sweet self so much. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you. Never Change! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Pam

Song: The Sound Of Silence

MichelJ: Hi Catalin, gee mon ami, you offer a splendid performance with this great Hit... Tout simplement superbe... If I had to buy this song, I will take your version... Totally enjoyed my listen... Bravo... MichelJ...
Reply: Hello Michel salut.. je suis etonee...i dont know if i deserve such great comment..it is such an easy song to sing but i thank you from heart for superb comment.Merci du profondeur du coeur monsieur!!

Song: Spooky

MichelJ: Hi, I know very well this song, I sing it too... You offer a superb performance on this great hit... I like it very very much... Really enjoyed my listen... MichelJ...
Reply: MichelJ's always loved the Classics !V, (stormy) is a great song also. you keep up your singing very strong

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