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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:28 pm 
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Go back to the DJ and let him/her know that they are breaking the law by giving you those music files. do yourself a favor and remove them from your hard drive for your own protection.

You can buy the same songs legally from amazon for 5 cents a song.

don't put yourself cheap and at risk of copyright issues. when you buy the disks from amazon, they include the songlists.

P.S. if you have the complete set on hard drive of the DK, i'm betting you also have others.


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:34 pm 
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This is a really old forum and I just have come across it whilst checking for DKG lists. I have PURCHASED EVERY disk of the DKG range. It cost a small fortune. Some of the disks I have two copies of where I had bought one in the past and then at a future stage bought a few at the same time.

First of all I have no idea how the poster thinks that because someone he knows owns the disks his copied disks are legal. ABSOLUTLY NOT.

Also then he fires at the people who tell him they are illegal.

Ok here in the UK here are the laws.

First of all to put the tracks onto a computer you need a PRODUB licence. This you pay for and allows you to format shift the tracks from CD to computer.

You may only do the format shift if you OWN the disks yourself. Not if a friend owns them.

Also even if you do own them you are not allowed to use both at the same time. For example you would not be able to go out on the road and do a gig whilst someone else uses the computer. It is for one use only and back up.

I did love to comment about photocopying money and passing on the originals.

So it the poster thinks they are totally legal how about going to the people who make these licences and laws, knock on the door and say. I have a copy of a friends disks. I have the digital version and they have the physical version.

If this was legal that would mean that DK Karaoke who produce these disks would sell ONE SET and the world would copy the whole collection.

So to the original poster. As far as the law is concerned YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW. If you want to sing the songs BUY THE SONGS. I personally have spent a lot of money and people like the poster annoy the hell out of me. If I should pay for it then you should too.

Music industries are being destroyed by people copying. Also the karaoke jocks getting screwed. WHY? because now all you have to do is buy a computer and copy tracks over, grap a PA and a Speakers and mic, screen and you have a karaoke system. The quality may not be fantastic but when someones asks for a quote a person who has copied tracks having a bit of a laugh in their spare time will quote a silly price.... A lot of people will go for the cheaper option. The end user is looking at price and will they care if the disks are ripped off they are more likely not going to be bothered.

I have had a few venues for celebrities as I have a very good system and I actually know how to use it where I will adjust all the settings live for each song and the sound quality is amazing. It has taken me many years to get where I am and a lot of cost. I could have quite copied all the tracks easily. I did not. I paid the money on what they are worth.

There are many tracks that differ from one company to another. So not only have I bought the DKG, I have bought all sunfly, zoom and many others.

So I hope this person is so stubborn to say they are right and face the consequences when they visit the associated licence givers and get the biggest fine they could imagine.

So to recap. There is no way you are legal. To be legal you need to own them.

If you have disks 1 - 99 and you buy disk 5 off ebay (the original) then ONLY disk 5 would be legal.

So look at the law.

Not sure if produb is the same but google PRODUB LICENCE and you will see some of the rules over here.

However, no matter where you are, if you make a backup/copy of tracks, you have to be the owner of them. Even if they are given to you. An original needs to be owned by you. Not a BLOKE DOWN THE ROAD.

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