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Welcome to Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

You have arrived at , the online home of Karaoke Scene Magazine (KSM) - the largest Karaoke publication in the United States.

KSM is a bi-monthly publication (published every 2 months) and is the absolute best source of information about Karaoke available. It is read by tens of thousands of Karaoke enthusiasts all over the world. Each issue is packed full of interesting information on a wide variety of subjects such as the latest Karaoke industry information, improving your singing, making music/singing a profession, Karaoke as home and club entertainment, getting started in the Karaoke business, and so much more

Our website is extremely popular with enthusiasts all over the world and is always among the top ranked Karaoke sites in the major search engines. We offer many exclusive features for our visitors & members such as our Karaoke Showcase (where singers can post their recordings to be heard by people all over the world), the Karaoke Forums (stay in touch with the latest in what's happening), the Club Directory (the world's largest - just click to find a club or venue near you wherever you are), the KJ Directory (do you need a great KJ for your club or any special occasion?), and much, much more!

And remember, advertising in KSM is the only way to reach the enormous Karaoke market in the ever growing Karaoke world.

We trust you will enjoy your stay and hope you will return soon.

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Karaoke Forums · Latest Posts
403 Error
10677435_762319227139531_1793871572_o.jpg ...
by jdmeister on Tue, Sep 29th - 2:10 am
Karaoke Discussions
Thought everyone would like this
I would like to make a modification to one of the commandments... Thou shall respect the host and refer to him as "My Lord" or "My La...
by Alan B on Wed, May 18th - 5:52 pm
Showcase Discussions
Cannot Upload My Mp3 File
All MP3 music files submitted need to be below 8mb in size or they will be rejected. Unless the song is real long, a bit rate of 192kb does real well...
by Starlyter - Brad on Thu, Mar 24th - 11:46 pm
Technical Discussions
Compuhost Crashing When Transferring Remote Request Songs
Hi All! I’ve been trying to find a more recent discussion regarding Compuhost crashing when transferring remote requests to the active queue. It sh...
by aydroh on Wed, Feb 16th - 2:22 am
The Lounge
What If There Is No Recovery?
Madison Cawthorn is the gift that just keeps on giving to the Democrats in their quest to retain control of the house. Even with all of the media ex...
by The Lone Ranger on Fri, May 20th - 3:57 pm
Karaoke Showcase · Latest Submissions
singandplay After Midnight
Submitted by singandplay on Fri, May 20th
MichelJ Lay Down Sally
{Eric Clapton}
Submitted by MichelJ on Fri, May 20th
Starlyter - Brad Almost Jamaica
{Bellamy Brothers}
Submitted by Starlyter - Brad on Fri, May 20th
Cantstopsinging Tell Me Baby
{Garnet Mimms}
Submitted by Cantstopsinging on Thu, May 19th
Jerry Crazy In Love
Submitted by Jerry on Thu, May 19th

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