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.: Brokenheartsville :.

profile of Jerry
Date Submitted:  2017-08-27 [Archive Date: 2017-11-25]
Genre:  Country
Original Artist:  Joe Nichols
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Total Comments:  4
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Comment by: chrisdanielz (Total comments: 1103  Submissions: 381) Thu, Aug 31st, 2017 
chrisdanielz You gotta tell me how you get that unbelievable timbre in your voice. Of course, your voice is the best, but that mic must make a bit of a contribution...This is so good. Tell me your secret! :) Chris
Reply: Hi Chris....well, I'm pained to say that I do extreme vocal exercises for about 45 minutes a day while driving 'here and there' in this Dallas traffic and that keeps my resonators cleaned out. I have several mic's but my favorite and most used is a Shure KSM32 - Champagne color studio mic. Other than that, I just sing and love it. Doing shows for a long time also kept me alert to projecting, placing the tones forward, and singing from the legs, hips and diaphragm for support.
Comment by: Duston (Total comments: 392  Submissions: 248) Tue, Aug 29th, 2017 
Duston Another hit and great job done by Jerry.
Reply: Thank you Dusty! Jerry
Comment by: WolfMan (Total comments: 235  Submissions: 31) Mon, Aug 28th, 2017 
WolfMan Favorite here as well. Great job sir!!! ...haha...actually he drives a junky beat up old ford truck..lol, he had a red ragtop coupe de ville once, but the wiring shorted out and it burned to the ground...lmao!!
Reply: Haha....May I assume he got out before melt-down, or did he get a quick tan? haha
Comment by: Rich101 (Total comments: 805  Submissions: 83) Sun, Aug 27th, 2017 
Rich101 This is one of my favorites. Brokenheartsville is a fantastic song! AND JERRY, you did it really great! Rich
Reply: It's a favorite of mine as well...I love the instrumental arrangement and the story line is just plain cool! Thanks much....Jerry

Jerry performs Brokenheartsville on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: Jerry performs Brokenheartsville on Karaoke Showcase -
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