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.: Finally :.

profile of Jerry
Date Submitted:  2017-08-01 [Archive Date: 2017-10-30]
Genre:  Country
Original Artist:  T.G. Sheppard
Additional Info:  Disc Mfg:    Disc #:  
Description:  Thank you for coming by....Jerry
Overall Rank:  Rank Unavailable
Total Comments:  5
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.: Comments & Ranks :.

Comment by: covertunes (Total comments: 99  Submissions: 61) Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017 
covertunes Great singing on this one Jerry. This is my favorite T.G. Sheppard tune, and you nailed it!
Reply: Thank you for your comment and the visit! Jerry
Comment by: Mark Cheetah (Total comments: 875  Submissions: 88) Tue, Aug 1st, 2017 
Mark Cheetah Hey Jerry, it's good to hear your "softer side" in the verses here. And you're displaying those classic Jerry power notes in the choruses too! Where's all the ladies on SS these days? You'd have them creaming their pants with this one! Haha! Seriously, we need some chicks around here. Man, this was one EXCELLENT job you did here! Impressive!!
Reply: Hey Mark...funny you'd mention that about 'where are the women' on this site. I was contemplating that very thing the other night as I was walking my best buddy around the block. So, I ask and answer, "Where have all the girls gone...gone to cover every one." That sounds like a song...haha...Thank you for your comment and great support!
Comment by: Dreamer (Total comments: 383  Submissions: 79) Tue, Aug 1st, 2017 
Dreamer I wish your mind wouldn't argue either...haha....You are awesome Jerry!! Much enjoyed!!
Reply: Hey Neo....It argues all the time--no it doesn't! Yes, it does! Ah, shut your trap...Dang, it's starting up again. haha! Thank you friend...Jerry
Comment by: Neo (Total comments: 211  Submissions: 30) Tue, Aug 1st, 2017 
Neo He use to have a restaurant we use to go to where I got to meet him once, very nice guy!! Enjoyed this!!!
Reply: It's cool that you met him...his songs are 'country' but could also be pop or easy listening in some cases. You must live in the great state of Tennessee, a most beautiful and historical state that I love. For a few years, I lived in Alabama and almost on the state line with Tennessee. Great folks there. Anyway, thank you so much for your listen and comment...much appreciated!
Comment by: Duston (Total comments: 347  Submissions: 224) Tue, Aug 1st, 2017 
Duston another Great performance by you. You have such a smooth clear country style. I find myself becoming a big fan....
Reply: What a very nice thing to say Duston...It's mutual buddy! Thank you...Jerry

Jerry performs Finally on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: Jerry performs Finally on Karaoke Showcase - Thank you for coming by....Jerry
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