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.: Right On The Money :.

profile of Jerry
Date Submitted:  2014-03-09 [Archive Date: 2014-06-07]
Genre:  Country
Original Artist:  A. Jackson
Additional Info:  Disc Mfg:    Disc #:  
Overall Rank:  Rank Unavailable
Total Comments:  5
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Comment by: Suzanne Lanoue (Total comments: 4484  Submissions: 408) Sat, Mar 15th, 2014 
Suzanne Lanoue Wow, this is great, Jerry! You sure handled it well.... Slightly less serious than most you've done, but no matter. Fabulous!!!
Reply: Why, whatever do you mean? Ha...thanks Suzanne. Jerry
Comment by: KJ_Eddie-777 (Total comments: 98  Submissions: 45) Mon, Mar 10th, 2014 
KJ_Eddie-777 Never heard this one before. But I'm sure you did it more than justice. Why would I expect less ?
Reply: It was on the charts for a while but not like his big sellers. Thank you for your great comment....Jerry
Comment by: Lord Burnstrum (Total comments: 657  Submissions: 83) Sun, Mar 9th, 2014 
Lord Burnstrum Sounding great as always JErry!
Reply: Thank you kindly Lord Burnstrum!! Jerry
Comment by: KaraTroll (Total comments: 786  Submissions: 215) Sun, Mar 9th, 2014 
KaraTroll And you are definitely Right On The Way to produce excellent performances, Jerry! This one was superb again and thus it was a huge pleasure listening to you. :) Kara
Reply: So very much appreciated Kara...Jerry
Comment by: DEE (Total comments: 2883  Submissions: 143) Sun, Mar 9th, 2014 
DEE I sure do love the works of 'AJ' and *Y O U *!~ There's nothing like a good old fashion piece of work. I wish I was that 'gal'. However, I certainly don't mind being dearest friends neither. You've outdone yourself once again Jerry. My oh my, You never cease to amaze me with all of your works. I wanted to let you know on my songs (recently) I am unable to reply/respond. I cannot write a description neither. So, I will have to thank you here dear one for your great comment on my latest song 'Earth Song'. Much unconditional love coming your way!~I also wanted to let you know that I just loved and adored that 'pop' and your 'whistle' darlin' :-)- Love, DEE xox ~~@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~~
Reply: You have the greatest of comments Dee...what a great personality you have....thank you so very much...Jerry

Jerry performs Right On The Money on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: Jerry performs Right On The Money on Karaoke Showcase -
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