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.: Misty :.

Starlyter - Brad
profile of Starlyter - Brad
Date Submitted:  2022-09-03 [Archive Date: 2022-12-02]
Genre:  POPular
Original Artist:  Johnny Mathis
Additional Info:  Disc Mfg:    Disc #:  
Description:  My dog's name. LOL
challenge Challenge: The Name Game
Overall Rank:  Rank Unavailable
Total Comments:  8
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Comment by: johnbaum (Total comments: 357  Submissions: 72) Sun, Sep 4th, 2022 
johnbaum Hey Brad, This really sounds great. Vey nice Mix and Vocals. I think you Nailed this one Brad. Enjoying my listen very much this morning. John
Reply: Thank you so much John. Appreciate the kind comment...Brad
Comment by: JoriAnselm (Total comments: 126  Submissions: 47) Sun, Sep 4th, 2022 
JoriAnselm Very nice, Brad.
Reply: Hi Jori. Thanks so much for stopping in for a listen....Brad
Comment by: Abbygail25 (Total comments: 2412  Submissions: 347) Sat, Sep 3rd, 2022 
Abbygail25 Beautiful song...very smooth Brad ..does your Misty like to listen to you sing? My Suzy does sometimes... Congratulations on beating me to 150...you know I let you win...lol
Reply: LOL. Oh I'm forever indebted to your letting me hit the mark. Actually, wasn't aware it was still open. Thought it would have been hit before now. On Misty, she listens from her doggie heaven window. She used to muscle her way in during recording sometimes. Check her out in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A0tuOJ2m4w //Thank you for your kind comment Gail. Keep singing to you Suzy.....Brad
Comment by: Rich101 (Total comments: 4230  Submissions: 247) Sat, Sep 3rd, 2022 
Rich101 Hey There Brad!!! The Misty Mudslide awaits down at the Tiki Bar.. Fernando has really come up with a great drink this time!!! Just as you have delivered a Great cover of Misty!!! Your style always amazes me... you always pick the right songs and make them a Brad Classic!! This is such a pleasure to listen to this aft6ernoon!! RICH
Reply: Hey Rich. Great to be back in the Tiki with you and the rest of the gang. Mudslide, guess I better wear my boots then. LOL. Really appreciate your more than kind comments my friend.....Brad
Comment by: MichelJ (Total comments: 2358  Submissions: 586) Sat, Sep 3rd, 2022 
MichelJ Hi Brad, my friend you have a talent for always choosing great Classics... Once again you prove it... Excellent performance... Totally enjoyed my listen... Bravo... Take care... Michel...
Reply: Hi Michel. Your very kind comments are always above and beyond my friend. Thank you. Appreciate you....Brad

Starlyter - Brad performs Misty on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: Starlyter - Brad performs Misty on Karaoke Showcase - My dog's name. LOL
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