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.: Streets Of Laredo :.

profile of qwirky
Date Submitted:  2020-07-29 [Archive Date: 2020-10-27]
Genre:  Country
Original Artist:  Various
Additional Info:  Disc Mfg:    Disc #:  
Description:  also known as - Cowboy's Lament
Overall Rank:  Rank Unavailable
Total Comments:  5
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Comment by: Tex (Total comments: 518  Submissions: 35) Thu, Jul 30th, 2020 
Tex I’ve walked the streets of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo several times. Used to be a fun place. Great job Q.
Reply: Ah, yes, used to be. Back when you could shoot back, just not first to draw. Thank you Tex.
Comment by: mav2100 (Total comments: 2273  Submissions: 112) Wed, Jul 29th, 2020 
mav2100 Are there Snowballs in Laredo? Who knew! Loving this sweet oldie from you Qwill. Such a sad ending. Sniff, sniff. I am anxiously awaiting for every word. Mwahhhhhhhhh, Pam
Reply: Only if you order them from Amazon. Thank you.
Comment by: BevB (Total comments: 1213  Submissions: 76) Wed, Jul 29th, 2020 
BevB Another wonderful listen here Q. Enjoyed my listen this afternoon. :)
Reply: Thank you Bev, double listens are sweet.
Comment by: Rich101 (Total comments: 1696  Submissions: 138) Wed, Jul 29th, 2020 
Rich101 Really nice listening to you here!! Excellent vocals and very nice voice for this classic.... Well Done! RICH
Reply: Thank you Rich. One to the other, thank you.
Comment by: Jerry (Total comments: 2322  Submissions: 137) Wed, Jul 29th, 2020 
Jerry You know I love this song and you've sung it straight from your heart. A super sing here Rich! If he'd not hung out with the bad guys in high school and turned mean...throwing snowballs, letting air out of tires and walking on peoples' grass he might not had been shot when he turned cowboy. See, it all adds up...LOL. Much enjoyed again Rich...
Reply: Aw, shucks, thank you Jerry. It does happen, hang around with bad apples and you'll get hard cider.

qwirky performs Streets Of Laredo on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: qwirky performs Streets Of Laredo on Karaoke Showcase - also known as - Cowboy's Lament
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