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.: Rainy Days And Mondays :.

profile of Cantstopsinging
Date Submitted:  2019-10-13 [Archive Date: 2020-01-11]
Genre:  POPular
Original Artist:  Carpenters
Additional Info:  Disc Mfg:    Disc #:  
Description:  Singing all parts.. Thanks for listening
Overall Rank:  Rank Unavailable
Total Comments:  5
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.: Comments & Ranks :.

Comment by: mav2100 (Total comments: 1731  Submissions: 66) Thu, Oct 17th, 2019 
mav2100 I love The Carpenters, I always have. When I opened "SS" I could not wait to get here and listen to you and the girls. This is absolutely beautiful Joyce. Standing Ovation from Chicago!! Love it! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Pam
Reply: Hey Pam.. I am glad this song was heard welcomly ( a new word?) to your ears from me and the Gang.. I have another Carpenters song to post in the future!! Thanks from the West Coast to Chicago land
Comment by: OoRIKoO (Total comments: 416  Submissions: 114) Tue, Oct 15th, 2019 
OoRIKoO Beautiful Joyce, beautiful.!.!
Reply: Thanks, Rik..:)
Comment by: Jerry (Total comments: 1865  Submissions: 31) Mon, Oct 14th, 2019 
Jerry Love it...Quick story: While attending small state college, the Carpenters came for a performance. They were basically unknown at that time. Well, they didn't have money for a motel or hotel...so, they stayed in the dorms...she with some girls and he with some guys. This is a great rendition Joyce..and the 'girls' sound perfect. You've captured their sound perfectly.
Reply: Hi Jerry.. I think I have heard that story before from someone..can't recall who.. Thanks from me and the Social-Lites!!
Comment by: covertunes (Total comments: 226  Submissions: 158) Mon, Oct 14th, 2019 
covertunes Just watched a documentary on the Carpenters the other night. She had such a captivating voice when she sang...as do you. You captured the feeling of this song perfectly, and I thoroughly enjoyed this today!!
Reply: Hi Scott.. I have seen some docs on them on youtube lately too.. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment.. Glad you enjoyed this
Comment by: bobarino (Total comments: 123  Submissions: 2) Mon, Oct 14th, 2019 
bobarino Hi Joyce, always loved this song. You sang it so well. Bob
Reply: Glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate your visit..thanks Bob

Cantstopsinging performs Rainy Days And Mondays on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: Cantstopsinging performs Rainy Days And Mondays on Karaoke Showcase - Singing all parts.. Thanks for listening
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