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.: Bring Him Home :.

profile of steamyjim
Date Submitted:  2018-04-03 [Archive Date: 2018-07-02]
Genre:  Show Tunes/Musicals
Original Artist: 
Additional Info:  Disc Mfg:    Disc #:  
Description:  Haunting song from Les Miserables
Overall Rank:  Rank Unavailable
Total Comments:  3
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.: Comments & Ranks :.

Comment by: Jerry (Total comments: 1232  Submissions: 598) Wed, Apr 4th, 2018 
Jerry Very nice....your pitch is not an issue but you vocally waiver a bit too much toward the end of power notes trying for sustained control, particularly if you need to hold that note. The only thing I would suggest is to practice breath control on power notes (upper register)...you do seem to sing with good diaphragm support and your voice tones are from the middle to front part of your mouth where they should be. Over all, you are a very good singer...a little repeated practice on those 'tenderly' held power notes and you'll have a very good package. Your vocal timbre is superb as is your vibrato. I liked this very much!
Comment by: MLC67 (Total comments: 73  Submissions: 32) Wed, Apr 4th, 2018 
MLC67 Haunting indeed. Fabulous!
Comment by: Suzanne Lanoue (Total comments: 4399  Submissions: 382) Tue, Apr 3rd, 2018 
Suzanne Lanoue This is a beautiful song, and a very tough one. Now, you asked for critique, so feel free to ignore me if you didn't want it. Mostly it's very good. There were a few times that I thought you were a bit under-pitch. Otherwise, I loved it!!

steamyjim performs Bring Him Home on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online: steamyjim performs Bring Him Home on Karaoke Showcase - Haunting song from Les Miserables
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