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Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird

Comments by Texas Songbird on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: What Now My Love With Dani

Texas Songbird: THAT is how it's done!!! You are both AWESOME!!!! WOW!!!!

Song: Didnt We

Texas Songbird: :)

Song: Hymn to Him

Texas Songbird: Wonderful, Wondrerful, Wonderful!!! Thanks to Peter for bringing you to the SS stage...Welcome Vic! Hope we get lots more!!! ~~~Ellan

Song: Making Memories of US

Texas Songbird: This is my favorite Keith Urban song, and you've done one beautiful rendition Chet... :) :) :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Ellan....thank you my dear for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!!!....Chet

Song: Benny And The Jets (PFL)

Texas Songbird: It just does my heart a world of good to come back in here and see something great like this going on in the Showcase... You are right Mikey this IS what this family really is all about... What an awesome sub and beautiful dedication to one very special friend to everyone here! This was simply terrific Mikey! ~~~Ellan
Reply: you are as sweet as you are talented. Thank you Songbird for all your kindness.

Song: Always On My Mind

Texas Songbird: Willie's version has always been my favorite, this was another album I wore out... A beautiful rendition you've done here Ken, just what I always expect from you. You are just sooo good!! ;) :) :) ~~~Ellan...
Reply: Hi Ellan, Thanks so much for your listen and such a nice comment. Both are greatly appreciated very much....Ken

Song: Stay With Me rm happy ny SS

Texas Songbird: Morgan, my favorite cuz... You already know that I think you are beyond FANTASTIC!!! It's an honor to be in this family with you... Your amazing talent and your beautiful heart and soul, you know how special you are to me. I hope we have many many more years of fun and music ahead of us... You are the BEST!!! Thank you for always including me in your wonderful dedications and for this GREAT performance!... HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Sonjia!!! She's a very lucky lady to have you... XOXO MUAH! MUAH!!! ~~~El
Reply: Hey beautiful cuz!!You are so fabulous with your awesome singing and your comments through the years.Thank you for always being there for me and I hope that you have the best there is in 2009.Love ya MUAH!MUAH!!

Song: A Christmas Lullabye

Texas Songbird: Simply GORGEOUS.... So beautiful Cathi... Savin' this for my Christmas CD... It's so great to have you around again, sharing that heavenly voice with us...... Merry Christmas Sweetie... xoxo~~~Ellan
Reply: Ditto on the having you back again sweetie, I've missed seeing you around this place too. Miss you guys, we gotta catch up soon xoxox

Song: Why Did I Choose You

Texas Songbird: Awww Lyn, this is dreamy-lucious... ... every sub from you, though too few and far between, is heaven to hear.... WOW, Lady Lyn, you are one helluva singer!!! :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Coming from YOU, Ellan, that means sooo very much to me!!! I think you're such a Wonderful singer! Thank You so very, very much!! Merry Christmas!! :D

Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Texas Songbird: Awwww Cathi, You sang the heck outta this one!!! WOW!!! You know this is a big favorite of mine and I love the way you nailed it!!! Everybody's havin' it a little tough this year, but I think it's actually serving to bring folks closer to eachother and forcing us to reflect on what's really important in life... I sure hope you and yours are all doin OK... Thanks for comin around and bringing the gift of this beautiful performance to all of us... Merry Christmas from Tom and Me, girlfriend... xo :) ~~~Ellan
Reply: Yanno if the kids would have been able to come home this year it would have been much better because to me Christmas is all about family. I hope yours and the brownie man's was fantastic and all that joy carries into the new year, you deserve the happiness. Love ya gf ;)

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