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Comments by Keepinitcntry

Comments by Keepinitcntry on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Whats Goin On

Keepinitcntry: A nice treat to get to hear this one after so long. Nice and soulful . Great job my friend.. ~Mark~
Reply: Hi Mark! Thanks so much for your time taken to stop and listen and for this great comment. I do appreciate it my friend. ... Rik ...
The Singing Mike
The Singing Mike

Song: In Case You Didnt Know

Keepinitcntry: A super ballad thats right up your alley Mike. I loved singing this one too. You did a great job expressing this one in song Mike. My hats off to ya bud. ~Mark~
Reply: Hi there Mark, Thanks for the great comments. Much appreciate your time for listening and commenting my friend. Just wanted you to know anytime I post a song I think of your Mom and her wonderful way of making people feel better with her thoughtful comments to all the singers at the various sites she visited. What a Wonderful Mother, Lady & Friend. Know she is missed by all. God Bless, ~ Michael Ray ~

Song: These Dreams

Keepinitcntry: I had no doubt you'd perform this with ease Joyce. I hear Heart is touring again. I hope to see them. Hoping things are well for you. This was very well done. I know those notes weren't all that easy. Nicely done my friend. ~Mark
Reply: Hi Mark.. It seems like they are always touring.. been watching interviews with them on youtube.. They look great. Thanks for checking this out

Song: Mississippi Queen

Keepinitcntry: Loved hearing this again. Years ago when I was lead vocalist in a band, this was always a crowd pleaser. Thanks for sharing it. ~Mark~
Reply: Thanks for the listen, Mark.

Song: We Were In Love

Keepinitcntry: Being very familiar with songs like this that poured out from Toby on the radio stations, I try to get on but time on the computer can be tough to find these days. I can honestly say this was a pleasure to sit in and see how you covered this. Another beautiful job my friend.~Mark~

Song: Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo

Keepinitcntry: Boy does this show my age!!!I have this one on album and was surprised to see it on the board. What a trip down memory lane!!! Great job my friend. ~Mark~
Reply: I get those same memories! Thank you for the listen, have a great day. John

Song: Spooky

Keepinitcntry: Hi Dan, I remember this one real well growing up. I have always loved it. Delightful listen Dan. Thanks for sharing it. ~Mark~
Reply: thanks Mark.one of my favorites.Dan

Song: NoBody Home

Keepinitcntry: Neo, Being the huge P F lover that I am, there was no way I would of missed this one. I make a trip to see anything Pink Floyd any chance I get. Including a tribute band called "The Machine" . The band is amazing and I highly recommend them. The lead guitarist name is Joe, and boy he's phenomenal. An awesome production you got here Neo. Very nicely done dude!!! ~Mark~
Reply: Thank you very much for your time and comment as it is very much appreciated.

Song: Shes Got The Look

Keepinitcntry: Hey Chris, Awesome selection Dude!!! This was a blast to listen to this morning. Loved it!!! ~Mark~
Reply: Hi Mark! Glad you liked it, and great hearing back from you! Chris
Mark Cheetah
Mark Cheetah

Song: This Love

Keepinitcntry: Hi Mark, Incredible recording. Love how the sound burst out of my speakers with it's crisp sound. Your stand alone mixer is amazing let alone adding you as a producer and singer. You continue to be the top of the line buddy. What a listen this afternoon that was totally enjoyed. ~Mark~
Reply: Hey Mark, good to see you... I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the compliments, my friend... I truly appreciate it. I'm glad you liked it!

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