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Comments by Keepinitcntry

Comments by Keepinitcntry on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Train Of Memories

Keepinitcntry: Hi Bev, Your recordings continue to sound amazing! This one had a nice pro sound to it. I always loved your blue grass songs but this one was spot on . Nice work Bev!!! Mark
Reply: Thank you Mark. :)

Song: Standing Knee Deep In A River

Keepinitcntry: Hi Tonya, Kathy provided us with many songs that reflected on her life and talents. This one was perfect for you. Sipping a cup ah coffee and enjoying this so very much. Thanks for sharing it kiddo.
Reply: Hi Mark, yes she did. I love all of her stuff but I think this one is by far my favorite. Thank you so much for stopping in to listen, I really do appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed and hope you enjoyed your coffee as well. Have a great weekend my friend - Tonya

Song: Monday Monday

Keepinitcntry: Hi Chet, Honestly, to grow up and remember the effect this song brought to the generation . Your vocals were just as good as the original. Super performance my friend. loved it.
Reply: Mark.. Thanks so much my friend..I think Joyce did the hard part!...chet

Song: I Cross My Heart

Keepinitcntry: Hi JB, You always pick the best songs . I used to sing Georges songs often years ago.This being a favorite.This was such a pleasure to listen to. A Nice flow and feeling just right for this one. Nicely done Bud.
Reply: Thanks Buddy!

Song: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Keepinitcntry: Heck Pammy, With this covid virus hanging around, theres nobody to hug, ya know? lol. Lonely times for single folks. What a pleasant performance to listen to this morning. The world and folks aren't making much sense these days. Hope your being safe. Nice job kiddo!!!
Reply: You gotta keep a supply of gloves and masks, Marky!! LOL!! Great to see you doing well and staying safe. Thank you so much for coming by and for your great comment. You are right , something has gotta give!! You can put your head on my shoulder. I sure do appreciate you so much, Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Pam

Song: Broken Hearted Me

Keepinitcntry: Abby, You have a tendency to pick songs that remind me of my mom who passed a few years ago. Certainly not a bad thing. Sure enjoy your performance and soft touch in your singing. Beautiful job Abby. Thank you
Reply: Thank you for sharing that memory...my mom also passed 4 yrs ago...so glad you enjoyed this sing...and thank you for listening..Abby

Song: Stars On The Water

Keepinitcntry: Man Jerry, This song makes me want to get my boots on and find a hard wood floor with a pretty girl for some two stepping!!! One of my favorites from George and now you too!!! Loved this my friend.
Reply: It does the same to me Mark! Thank you so much for your great comment! Jerry

Song: Dont The Girls All Get Prettier At Closi

Keepinitcntry: WEEEEE DOGGIE!!! This one gets you ah moving. Yes, I suppose the girls look mighty sexy at that time of the night. LOL. Great job bud. Loved it!!!
Reply: I thank you very very much for listening and for your very kind comment!! Hope you have a great day! Thanks again, RICH

Song: Dream Lover

Keepinitcntry: Hi Michel, I can almost see you recording this, foot ah tapping and having a ball. Another totally enjoyable performance pal. Keep um coming!!!
Reply: Hi Mark, thanks a lot my friend for your great words in your comment... Totally appreciated...

Song: In And Out Of Love

Keepinitcntry: Hi Joyce, I truly love the Supremes and Diana Ross. Life was so good and fancy free back then. Love it when you take this groups songs on. You always provide exceptional vocals and I know you got the feel of them each and everytime!!! This was delightful with all your vocals.
Reply: Hi Mark.. Thank you for your heart warming comment.. it was a miracle that I found this track..We had great music back then.. Take care

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