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Comments by Misjif

Comments by Misjif on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Hes Got You

Misjif: Oh, but you have the most important thing sweet man...You have my heart and my love. You so Amazing on this song Jerry! I loved every last note! You are the Best! Hugs to you...
Reply: Thank you sweet lady, friend and dear! You are simply and justly the best!

Song: Merry Merry Christmas Baby

Misjif: I always treat you nice baby! So glad you like your diamond ring Jerry! I do need more of your kisses though....sighs. this sing is soOOOooo HOT. Sweet man! Merry Christmas baby...You sure do treat me nice too! Hugs n xx
Reply: Hummmm...yes you surely do! Love those diamond rings each year..but it needs to be more often than that! Ha Thank you my sweet friend and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Song: Still The Same

Misjif: An Excellent SING Jerry! Seems an odd song choice for you, but if you like the song...all that counts. You can Rock it all sweet man! I could listen to those vocals of yours SING the phonebook! Hugss
Reply: Hi doll...I hope you got your fair share of thanksgiving dinner! I know I did....I hope it was wonderful for you and your family! You're just too kind...in so many ways!

Song: Ill Stop Loving You

Misjif: Say it ain't so d arlin, say it ain't so! Hehe... smOOoooch!An Excellent SING Jerry! Always the Pro With those vocals sweet man... hugs to you
Reply: OK, it ain't so! Ha Thank you my dear friend!!

Song: The Way It Use To Be

Misjif: Absolutely Gorgeous Jerry! Your vocals are Mesmerizing on this song sweet man! Bravo! Hugss
Reply: Thank you so much Darlin'!

Song: Wanted

Misjif: You have really captured the laid back , smoothness of this song Jerry! Such a Brilliant SING sweet man. You are the one for me d arlin! Hugs n love...
Reply: YOU are the brilliant one with your wonderful support and friendship!

Song: This Aint No Thinking Thing

Misjif: True,this ain't no thinkin thing! It's hard to Keep true feelings hidden for so long,,especially when, with the mind, it makes no sense! An Awesome SING on this Jerry! You are always Amazing with your vocals sweet man! Hugs to you...
Reply: I always look forward to your comments Joyce...you are always insightful and charming! Thank you my friend...

Song: Whats Goin On

Misjif: Perfection!
Reply: Misjif thanks so much for the amazing comment. ... Rik

Song: Love Letters In The Sand

Misjif: Love letters you say...that's my grocery list! Please don't cry! Ha. Beautiful SING Jerry! Your vocals are so smooth and of course spot on... loved it! Hugs
Reply: You're doing your grocery list while I'm trying write you love letters in the sand? I noticed that celery stem in your hand, but I thought you were going to use it to write one to me in the sand! Sneaky girl!! LOl...Thank you Joyce...p.s. my hotmail acct is gone...Microsoft closed all hotmail account and replaced it with outlook and I don't have an account there. \

Song: Doin The Best I Can

Misjif: Hi Jerry, I don't compare many to Elvis, hut you come sooo clese with this song... Oh my! Sweetie, your Best is always good enough for me. You melt my heart with your romantic songs... I love them all! Hugs G.I. Blues is one of my favorite movies of his. Do you do the song Rainbow from there too? Beautiful song like this one...
Reply: That is such a sweet comment...it is greatly appreciated my friend!

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