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Comments by a10cgirl

Comments by a10cgirl on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: I Dont Know How To Love Him

a10cgirl: You sound great! I used to listen to Helen Reddy alot so it's really good to hear one of her songs and hear it done so well. Luv it! Hugs ~ Rita
Reply: Thank you Rita, so glad you enjoyed it :-) Thanks for listening! ~ Van x

Song: Makes Me Wonder

a10cgirl: WOW....This is super Super!!! You sound fabulous! HOTTTTTT!!!! Hugs ~ Rita
Reply: Hiya Rita!!! So nice of you to drop in!! Thank you so much for your super kind words!! (hugz) _Lyn

Song: Some Girls Do

a10cgirl: Oh Wow....It has been awhile since I heard you. You sure haven't lost any of that talent. You sound awesome on this! Love it! Welcome Back!!! Hugs - Rita
Reply: 10c!! yes it has how u been. thanks alot i really appreciate ur comments!!!

Song: An Evening of Roses (Hebrew)

a10cgirl: Hi, Sweetie. I'm so glad you felt like singing us a song. I know this has been a very hard time for you. Just always know your SS family is here. I've been to a birthday party for my grandson today so I just got home and saw this. Had to rush for a listen. Dan, you are one amazing man with a God given talent and you sure know how to use it. Lovely song!!! You and your family will stay in my prayers until the fighting is over in Israel. Many Many hugs and kisses - Rita
Reply: Rita, with such kind and loving words that you've written I feel so lucky to have you as a friend. You are all heart and love! Thanks ever so much for your caring and good wishes! All my love and big hugs! Dan

Song: The Sloop John B

a10cgirl: OMG...Dan, it didn't even dawn on me that you still have family there. I'm in tears here as I listen to you sing this. Where in Israel does your family live? I've been watching and reading the news on this everyday. It's such a tragic thing. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be there right now. My prayers are with your family that they will remain safe and with you to keep the faith and the strength. Beautiful job on this heartfelt performance, Dan. I wish I could give you a real hug right now but know I'm sending you one. Big HUGZZZZZZ - Rita
Reply: I have family near Haifa and a sister in Tel Aviv; and extended family in between too. I sure appreciate the good wishes from you and others on here, Rita. I sure hope that the bombardments into Israel will be quelled soon. Hugs! Dan


a10cgirl: LMAO....Dan, that is so cool. Aren't kids just great?..LOL You aren't gonna believe this but Steve sent me this song the other day. I cracked up just hearing the song and then you show up with this video that the kids made with it. This was just soooooo cool! Thanks for sharing this. Hugs - Rita
Reply: That's totally unbelievable, Rita! What an awesome coincidence that is about Steve sending you the exact same song just the other day! Boy, those kids are surely going to become famous :) Aren't they real cool?! So glad you caught this! Hugs! Dan


a10cgirl: I was amazed when Johnny came out with this song. One thing about it....he left us with something beautiful in this song. You are sounding alot like Johnny here. Gorgeous job from beginning to end! Hugs - Rita
Reply: Thanks Rita. I really like this song and I worked hard to get this where it is.

Song: Best Fishes 4 a wonderful couple

a10cgirl: That's Bobarino!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure do miss him. A great dedication to him! Another wonderful performance. Hugs - Rita
Reply: Yeah, Rita, I miss him too! He's probably having a good time in Florida :) Thanks very much, CD! Hugs! Dan

Song: Love Of My Life

a10cgirl: Oh My...As I read your description and listened to this performance you just filled my eyes with tears. But they are good tears. That is such a romantic picture that you painted for us. Now where did Christina put those Kleenex? Hugs - Rita
Reply: Hi Rita! I am glad you enjoyed the description and the song! Here is a box of kleenex just for you! Thank you so much for always being so kind to me! I really appreciate you so very much! Thanks for listening!--Mike

Song: Save th Last Dance 4 Me 4 Cinderella

a10cgirl: What a fun tune! LOL....Love how you made Cindy dance in that pic.. I know she loves to dance. Great job! Hugs - Rita
Reply: Thanks very much, Rita! So glad you liked this :) Hugs! Dan

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