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Comments by KaraTroll

Comments by KaraTroll on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

KaraTroll: A terrific sing of this wonderful Country ballad Bev! It's always a pleasure listening to your fantastic renditions. Kara
Reply: Thank you Kara. :)

Song: Show Me The Way To Go Home

KaraTroll: At least I can show you my way of expressing my opinion about your rendition: it's fantastic. Kara
Reply: Thank you, for the fantastic, words.

Song: The Poor Side Of Town

KaraTroll: Of course I qualify too and know this great JR tune pretty well Tex. Your cover is excellent and I truly enjoyed my listen, Kara
Reply: Glad you liked it Kara. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

Song: Straighten Up And Fly Right

KaraTroll: What a fantastic and swinging performance on a Jazzy tune Pam! Your voice is really perfect for this (and of course not only this) genre as you sound so fascinating and sexy. I loved my listen once again, Kara
Reply: Awwww Thank you so much Kara. You are much too kind to me. You know I love your comments. I really do appreciate it so much. You're the best!! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Pam

Song: Why Lady Why

KaraTroll: Your rendion of this great Country ballad is just outstanding Jerry. A pure listening pleasure. Kara
Reply: Thanks Kara!

Song: With A Little Help From My Friends

KaraTroll: Hi Michel, with a little help from your friends listening to your terrific performance you have the confirmation that you are doing things right. So it was a pleasure listening to you my friend. Kara
Reply: Hi Kara, thanks a lot my friend for your kind words in your great comment... Truly appreciated...

Song: Because

KaraTroll: Hi Joyce, it is such a pleasure listening to your rendition because you sound really great with these fabulous harmony voices you produced together with your wonderful Social-Lites. Kara
Reply: Thanks so much, Kara.. I think the Social-Lites hid the Wikipedia background info from me because they were too impatient to triple the vocals!!

Song: Squaws Along The Yukon

KaraTroll: A great performance of this - for me new - Country tune Rich! I enjoyed listening to your superb rendition and it's always a pleasure for me! Kara
Reply: Thank you very much Kara for your kind words and for listening! I really appreciate it.. RICH
Starlyter - Brad
Starlyter - Brad

Song: Behind Closed Doors

KaraTroll: Your rendition of this wonderful CR Country tune is fantastic Brad! Bravo to you my friend! Kara
Reply: Thank you so much Kara. Appreciate your kind comments and listen in....Brad

Song: Somebodys Gonna Love You

KaraTroll: I'm gonna love this smooth rendition of you, Abby. A real listening pleasure, Kara
Reply: Thank you Kara

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Comments by KaraTroll | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by KaraTroll on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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