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Comments by ssingerss

Comments by ssingerss on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Baby I Need Your Loving

ssingerss: Sounding great here Donn! I wish I could make such a quality recording!
Reply: Much appreciated, and thanks for listening and commenting.
Lord Burnstrum
Lord Burnstrum

Song: More today than yesterday

ssingerss: Those notes are quite difficult. I would never attempt this tune as much as I would like to!
Reply: Why not? You should give it a whirl if you want to.
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: Youre So Vain

ssingerss: I like your voice but just the opposite of your comment to me, I find you are too loud for the track. It sounds like you are using a mixer so this can be easily corrected. Also it could stand less reverb. It detracts from your beautiful voice in my opinion.
Reply: Thanks! I don't use too much reverb... much less than most.

Song: For You

ssingerss: After reading your comments here I promised myself I wouldn't cry. While listening, that promise was broken...John
Reply: Oh John, don't cry dear one. My son suffered everyday with much pain. I do cry as well, especially around Christmas for my son and I miss him so much. But when I do cry, my son, Mike always tells me as I've taught them to say: 'He's finally living in paradise', so he reminds me of that. Thank you so much for your visit John. You are very special to me. You are one of a kind with a kind soul indeed. Once again John, Thank you ever so much...Love, DEExox

Song: Return To Me

ssingerss: Finally found time to check out some tunes. Thank you! I will listen to more!
Reply: I thank you so very much for coming by John. You truly make me feel appreciated. I simply cannot wait for you to come by more. I'm so thankful and you're so thoughtful. You sure are a true gentleman that I love unconditionally. Love, DEExox
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: I Dont Want To Wait

ssingerss: I have never heard this song but I sure could hear how much passion you sang it with. Very nice, John
Reply: Thanks so much, John! It was a big hit in 1998.

Song: Eleanor Rigby

ssingerss: Well, I strongly disagree with your assessment that I did a better job on this than you. I mimic the artist while you sing in your own style breathing new life into the song. John
Reply: We'll just have to agree to disagree. :-D This is very kind of you John and I thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. - Ron

Song: How Can I Not Love You

ssingerss: Hi Dee! I am not familiar with this song but oh my did you make my ears happy with it! I don't find much time to listen but I wanted to hear you and thank you again for the awesome comments. If you wish to reach me please use r2c2wswin@yahoo.com. I am unable to pm you for some reason.
Reply: Oh wow I thank you so very much. I took your e-mail addy n will add it to my long lists. I'm very pleased that you came by dear heart;-) Love, DEExox

Song: I Will Follow Him

ssingerss: Wow, Dee. That is a horrible experience for you. I am so glad you came out on the other side and just have to deal with the bumps and bruises rather than the alternative. Hope you heal up completely very soon. John
Reply: Hi John,Thank you so very much for coming by n reading my description. I'm in constant pain n it just stinks. I teach dancin' as well n now I can't. My foot is still swollen and if I had had my German Shepard she would have grabbed them right by their 'ballzacks', we trained her with the cop dogs n gave her one command word n she did her job. We're all friends here in this small town n they knew my gal. She stood 6ft.tall to look outside n let her go (on another occasion). Love, DEE xox
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: White Rabbit

ssingerss: I have heard this song butchered by many folks. You are the first I have EVER heard do it justice! John
Reply: Aw, thanks, John!! What a very sweet thing to say. I sang it live for the first time a few weeks ago in Hawaii. It went over well..

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