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Comments by Jerry

Comments by Jerry on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Rambling Fever

Jerry: Great job! You do MH's and other country songs like a pro. Jerry p.s., I'm thinking about forgetting SS because it's a mostly dead site or it has one foot in the grave. There is so little interaction here that it's gotten boring....or is it just me? I'd like to have my money back if this is all it is or is going to be. bah, humbug!
Reply: Thank you my friend for the kind compliment. I feel the same as you about my membership as I bought a two year subscription thinking at the time the site was starting to revive, but I see I was wrong. I don't go to the other site you go to because it infected my computer, I fixed it, I thought that was really shitty of that site to do that, so I do not trust that site & it seems dead as well except for you & couple others still posting there. I guess I will stay here as my computer is safer!!

Song: Spanish Pipedream

Jerry: A new song to me and great listen and enjoyment of your recording!
Reply: Thanks Jerry for you nice comment! RICH
Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony

Song: Houston

Jerry: Hey Robert...just like the man himself! Great job!

Song: Blues Man

Jerry: I would hope that those who listen also are polite enough to leave nothing less than a simple comment. This is way high quality work Neo...and enjoyment worthy my time. Much enjoyed!
Reply: Thank you very much Jerry. I always appreciate you taking the time, and glad it was enjoyed :) ..As far as most people, there are a few who will comment, but not many these days. It don't bother me as I am use to how it is now, but I do miss the days when everyone was more interactive with each other & more friendly. Some how social media has become anti-social it seems.

Song: Little Man

Jerry: The old saying that 'dynamite comes in small packages' is certainly TRUE. People are fickle...if a person has just two true friends in life, then he/she's a lucky person. Few people are truly friends as most are just little more than really good acquaintances. Your recording Neo is top shelf....good as the original.
Reply: I agree Jerry, those who have one or two true friends in life are very lucky indeed. Thank you for your time and comment, you are always appreciated friend.

Song: Blueberry Hill

Jerry: I enjoyed the history you've share and,more, I enjoyed your recording...great job Kara!
Reply: Hey Jerry, thank you a lot for your great comment and ongoing support! I'm glad that you enjoyed my recording and history regarding the song.

Song: Weep No More

Jerry: I really like your talent and mixes...but I hope you realize (not trying to be rude here....just saying) there are other singers on this site that would like to have honest comments too. That's how it works. No matter how good a singer's postings are they'll lose listeners if they don't share in the fun. Thanks for posting another wonderful BL recording...Jerry

Song: Spanish Eyes

Jerry: Love the song and you've covered wonderfully Lee...much enjoyed my friend. Jerry
Reply: Thanks much Jerry, my first online recording a few years back! Lee

Song: Fool Hearted Memories

Jerry: Great sing Dusty...love this song and your wonderful delivery.
Reply: Thank you Jerry

Song: Someday

Jerry: Perfectly beautiful Duston...Jerry
Reply: ty

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