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Comments by Jerry

Comments by Jerry on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Summer Wind

Jerry: Love this FS song...and you've sung it beautifully Kara...it's summer in Dallas and we feel it. But, it isn't a heat that's romantic....is sweat and pool time! haha
Reply: Thank you a lot Jerry! Your support is always appreciated my friend! Here in Berlin it's similar: pretty hot and we definitely wait for some cooling rain now - also to give the pool some fresh water, haha.

Song: Same Ol Situation

Jerry: Great job...

Song: Steamroller Blues

Jerry: Hey Lee....this is a song that I always enjoy hearing....you sound great buddy!
Reply: Thanks Jerry much appreciated, actually it's an mp3 conversion from a digital video recorded thru speakers and my voice behind the mic is echoing in the background! lol Lee

Song: Rockabilly Rebel

Jerry: A cool song and you've sung it superbly Rich...I really enjoyed this recording...it reminds me of a song a young Elvis would have recorded.
Reply: Hey Jerry! Thank you for listening and for you very nice comment! RICH
Old Teenager
Old Teenager

Song: Peaceful Easy Feeling

Jerry: Oops! Your song is still posted...I failed to see it this morning. Listened last night but couldn't comment until this morning....Love the Eagles...Henley lives here in Dallas. Very nice work in this recording...Enjoyed listening to your rendition!
Reply: Tell Henley that I said "Hi", and thanks for listening and commenting Jerry. OT
The Singing Mike
The Singing Mike

Song: Treat You Better

Jerry: Michael Ray, you're always a top shelf, must-listen-to-performer. Love your presentations of outstanding vocal work and mixes in your recordings. You're among the top talents on any of these sites....
Reply: Hi there Mr. Smooth and thanks for very very generous compliments you've given. Always a pleasure and truly appreciated coming from a PRO such as you. ~ Michael Ray ~

Song: Take It To The Limit

Jerry: A vocal as smooth as a baby's bottom, Kara....another great sing and mix and song selection!
Reply: Ha ha, what you say in terms of my vocal smoothness makes me feel much younger than I actually am, Jerry! Thank you so much for your support and great comment my old friend!

Song: Hallelujah Vet Version

Jerry: A superb sing here Duston....and so appropriate! I happy you posted it!
Reply: Thank you Jerry
Old Teenager
Old Teenager

Song: How Deep Is Your Love

Jerry: Wonderful! You've chosen my favorite BG song, and I agree with Kara that you've sung this beautifully. This cannot be an easy song to sing unless you have an exceptional vocal range and vocal versatility as you are blessed with and certainly know how to use. A fabulous performance and mix!
Reply: Appreciate it Jerry. It is nice of you to listen and comment.

Song: Lyin' Eyes

Jerry: It's great either way Kara!
Reply: Thank you Jerry! And, it's great that the better bit rates are possible again.

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Comments by Jerry | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by Jerry on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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