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Comments by tfson

Comments by tfson on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Sweet Home Alabama

tfson: Excellent style on this man!!! Fine recoding and a pleasure it was to rock out with your vocals buddy!!!! Tom
Reply: Thank you Tom. I appreciate your nice comment.
Suzanne Lanoue
Suzanne Lanoue

Song: Let Me Be The One

tfson: Very smooth and energy filled with that old 70's sunshine in the days of VW vans and 8 track!!! You did this song pround!!!! BRAVO!!!! Tom
Reply: Ha ha! Thanks!!

Song: Goodbye Norma Jean

tfson: This is stupendous my friend!!! Tough song and you made it sound easy!!! This is a pro sounding performance. Mix is straight on. Bravo!!! Tom
Reply: Thx TF....appreciate the listen!

Song: Whos Sorry Now

tfson: Nice!! Very smooth and the style and singing is right in tune with that time!!! A super sing here dear lady!!! ~Tom~
Reply: Thanks so much, Tom..:)
Jay Dm
Jay Dm

Song: I want you, love you, need you

tfson: Nice job on this classic Elvis tune man!!! Some very cool oldies crooning here man!!! ~Tom~
Reply: Thanks Tom

Song: My Old School

tfson: Dang man you can sing those 70's like we are there right now!!! Love the way you perform dude!!! Hats off and lighters out!!!! Excellent!!!!!! ~Tom~
Reply: Something under that hat that we are using the lighter for? LOL Thanks my man! Glad you have such good taste!! LOL Seriously, thank you. John

Song: The Skin Your In

tfson: Great song and message!!! Sounds like a lot of work went into this recording as well as all the heart and soul!!! Obviously your a professional. New song to me, but I really like it!!! The skin you're in is the only skin ya have know what I mean? Wellll of course you do LOL!!! Great performance!!!!! ~Tom~

Song: New Kid In Town

tfson: You sure can sing man!!! And you sing the great Rock -n - Roll dude!! This is a fav from my childhood and it still is a fav!!!! Loved it!!!! ~Tom~
Reply:  I'm sure that just like you, grew up with all of these great tunes. I'm so glad I find them on YouTube so I can sing them! Thanks Tom

Song: Knock On Wood

tfson: Nice sing here man!!! Great oldies song that is so cool even today indeed!!! ~Tom~
Reply: thanks so much. Dan

Song: Honkytonk Moon

tfson: Very well done man!!! You have a very easy going country sound that is pretty cool to kick back and listen too!!! I like a good country song song with the heart and soul man!!! ~Tom~
Reply: Thanks alot....I really appreciate that.

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Comments by tfson | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by tfson on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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