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Comments by bowfishn

Comments by bowfishn on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Kiss Me

bowfishn: Nice song Sheree wish you could sing with us, been a long time. Do you know what has happened to Gilly? Nice picture as well, your still a very lovely woman. Shane
Reply: Holy Smokes! Hi Shane! How the heck are ya? Great to see you here. Gilly makes a rare appearance every now and then. Stick around and you might catch her. Hope you are well, yes it's been ages! Thank you SO much for stopping in! What a great surprise. :)

Song: Defying Gravity

bowfishn: Nicely done AngelInMe ....... Will look forward to hearing more from you....... Shane
Reply: Why thank you Shane! I'm glad you liked it! I hope I don't let you down with future submissions then :)

Song: Just A Gurrl

bowfishn: Go girl, I hope your not jumping around too much there at Home. Hey when are you going to Sub your Hub? ....... :) ......... Shane
Reply: Hehhh hehh..well....we don't have neighbors for miles..soooooo... I Subbed Hub Tonight! Check his "Brandy"!!!

Song: Rock This Town

bowfishn: lily, your one of a kind, listening to this I can see you hopping all around and having a great time. Well I've gotta hit the sack now, maybe I'll catch you guys next Thursday or Friday. Sometime I'll have to let you record on my equipment so everyone can get the impact of how you sound, we think you guys are awsome even if you don't sing Country. LOL :) Oh yeah and thanks for the dance tonight.
Reply: Wow! That would be awesome to record on your sweet set-up! Thank you thank you! geeesh thanks! Yup, thank you as well for the dance. Does this mean I have to give up Dan at the next karaoke to your wife??! Well, G'night! Thanks for listenng to my Subs!!

Song: Respect Pink

bowfishn: Lily, no one can appreciate your singing until they see you sing live at Karaoke. We all love you, your so animated and full of energy. Dan is awsome as well. It was a little differant seeing you without your glasses tonight, tell Dan I think your one hot Lady, but I guess he already knows that. You make a cute couple. Also, everyone always asks about you guys when your not there, you two offer a unique flavor to the evening. Love how you sound on this, I wonder how it would come out with a better mic and all. Shane PS: you gotta get Dan to sub some songs as well.
Reply: oh! shhhhh..yer too much! *blushes BIG time!* I absolutely LOVE my new contacts! We will MOST Definately be getting Dan on up on here in da Houuuseee!! ooooat! oooat! He Rocks, huh?! Thanks for making him do Zoot Suit Riot tonight...I Love that song!

Song: Manic Monday

bowfishn: My wife would like to hear you do some "Pink", maybe next time your in Williamstown you might try some. :) Shane She is in Miami with our oldest Daughter, she left me here to fend for myself.
Reply: Yeah, I'll do some Pink! Absolutely! Where was the "little lady" tonight?? Missed her!! PS. As you know, and I've told ya before...YOUR KARAOKE SET-UP IS THE BEST!!!!!!

Song: Some Days You Gotta Dance

bowfishn: Another beautiful performance.... ;)
Reply: Thanks again for listening :)

Song: Men Dont Change

bowfishn: Great job Erica.....But this song is not accurate....When I was a young man I was a Jerk all the time and now I'm only a Jerk 99.9% of the time so you see we do change....LOL..... ;)
Reply: hahahaha Well I guess you are an exception.... LOL Thanks :)

Song: Alone

bowfishn: Beautiful job on this song babeegurrl....Keep em' comming....I'm not really into the Rock or the Pop music, but I do appreciate a good voice...... ;)
Reply: thanks so much BF =o)))) glad your liking

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