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Comments by mrmarog

Comments by mrmarog on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment
c. staley
c. staley

Song: Ridin My Thumb To Mexico

mrmarog: How very nice to "hear" you again. What a great performance and the mix was spot on. I didn't know this tune, but I'm about to learn it after hearing your performance. I hope all is well in Motor City (and surrounding areas).
johnny reverb
johnny reverb

Song: Do You Want To Know A Secret

mrmarog: Hey there Johnny nice singing. I didn't know you subbed any songs. Great job on that Beatles tune. The mix was very good.
Reply: Thanks mrmarog......

Song: Truly

mrmarog: Great singing on this tune Rik. The mix and EFX were "just right" to make this a "Truly" wonderful listen. I wish your other subs weren't archived.
Reply: Hello mrmarog, thanks so much for this great comment and for taking time to listen. Thx again. .. OoRIKoO

Song: Dont You Care

mrmarog: One of my all-time favorite songs of all time. A very good sing on this one. How about "Susan" next time.
Reply: Hello mrmarog, thanks for the great comment and I love Susan I just may give that a shot. .. OoRIKoO

Song: Im Gonna Be Strong

mrmarog: This is one of my all-time favorites and you had a solid performance. The end is the make or brake on that song. Well done.
Reply: thank you very much.

Song: On The Radio

mrmarog: Great song choice, Birdofsong, in Donna's honor. I loved those disco songs and you did it very well. Could have used a little more thump (bass), other than that all was good. I am so deeply saddened to hear of Chip being forever banned. The forum will be a boring lifeless place to visit in the future. Say hi to him for me. Mrmarog
c. staley
c. staley

Song: Wildfire

mrmarog: A very nice sing on that one Chip, and a great mix as well. Your last 2 subs fit your voice and style perfectly. You've inspired me, I'll have to see what I can do next. I have plenty of time now that I am completely retired.

Song: Stay The Night

mrmarog: Sequenzzer, I really enjoyed your song and your creative skills are wonderful. Have you tried to just convert your files to mono? The file is much smaller and the only thing you loose is stereo separation but not audio quality.
c. staley
c. staley

Song: Big Bad John

mrmarog: Very neat effect on this. Was this recorded with your voice and then you key changed it? Very neat whatever you did. Welcome back. Roger
Reply: Actually, I didn't do anything to my voice.... It's my "morning voice" as in the voice you wake up with after sleeping... About an hour later it's back to normal... Next time I wake up with this voice, I'm gonna do some Barry White.... Thanks for all the great comments folks!

Song: She Believes In Me

mrmarog: Hi Dale, You've a very nice job on the mix and your EQ'ing is pretty good as well. It sounds to me that you still have a some more room on the top end, but you are bottomed out on the low end. Try moving up 1 semitone (1/2 step). I think you will love the result. Change nothing else.
Reply: mrmarog, Thanks, for taking the time to listen and comment. Dale

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