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Comments by Melly

Comments by Melly on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Laugh N A Half

Melly: Hello great dane..hee,hee. I do follow you...LOL...oh man..this is great. I've never heard this before....but the way you sing...oy!...Hugz xxxoooo...thunderous applause!
Reply: Hi hon! :) I don't mind being chased, when it's you, you fruitcake LoL! As always, it's a pleasure to find out, that you have been listening to my stuff....and I'm always excited to see what you think about it! Merry Christmas sweetie........hugsssss.......c",)
DJ Lou
DJ Lou

Song: Gold for DEE

Melly: Awww...you sweet sweet amigo you. And such a wonderful sing and dedication!...i salute with Jose to you...hugz xxxoooo
Reply: Jose is that Jose Quervo your talking about. You know this song is for you too amiga I salute you too with gold and hugs!!!.
DJ Lou
DJ Lou

Song: Mony Mony

Melly: I be shaking the heiny to this one..whoo hoo! my youngest daughter , she's 14...LOVES Billy...i had to have her listen to this one. Two thumbs up from both of US!..xxxooohugz...applause
Reply: Hey Melly glad you two enjoyed this sub. Thanks for the listen. Hugs!!!
DJ Lou
DJ Lou

Song: Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Melly: Hello there amigo! i brought tequila for you...and i sure am enjoying your version of this!...whooo hooo...Bottoms up!...xxxoooohugz
Reply: Hey Melly am sure glad to see your comments. Miss your subs I might have been off line if you have recently submitted some songs I thought you might have been busy too. Am going to have to check your side to see if I could catch up to my listening. Bottoms up girl you made my day. xxxooooHugzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Song: Sweetest Thing Ive Ever Known

Melly: G/F, spread you with buttah.....you're on a ROLL....and i am right there with ya.....this is a sweet beautiful sing.....i'm SO glad you are subbing again. Adds to my happy ears.....and heart! xxxooohugz....clapping
Reply: Thank you Mellomar!! Sidekick above you nails this way better'n me but thank you so much for all da love!!!

Song: Shadow

Melly: Hola michelle girl....you and that voice! just always gives me chills....GREAT to hear you ......Whooooohooooooo!xxxooohugz

Song: Stand Back

Melly: Oh....i love this song! i am floored by this one , you NAILED this one to the WALL amiga....i swear i was listening to the NICKS herself!! Thunderous applause!
Reply: WOW, that is the kinda enthusiasm I LoVE!! Wow, wow, WOWWW....no wonder I love you so much and everyone else can't help it either.

Song: If That Isnt Love

Melly: i agree with that wish amigo. you sang this with wonderful emotion too. xxxooohugz....

Song: Blue

Melly: TIGGER!! sweetie...i don't think your Cajones NEED any repair from the sound of this!! WHOO HOOO! xxxxooohugz......
Reply: thx Melly! I'm sure glad you're back regular now!! I gotta go hear some of your sultry songs.


Melly: OMG!! you finally got another one outta him? You two sound freakin amazing....i am awed! ahhhhh....and you two always blow me away! Thunderous applause. I love it....and you!
Reply: Sis!!!! Thanks, girlie, for stopping in and giving a listen...(told ya the bee's knees was sounding choice!) Thanks for always being there for me, mi hermana...I love you, too! Smoooochies!

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