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Comments by JazzyBaggz

Comments by JazzyBaggz on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Like a Prayer

JazzyBaggz: Nice job on this... recording quality isn't the greatest BUT I can hear that you really sang it well!! You will get back into the swing of the recording thing, and if you ever need help give me or one of the other members a holla! :)) VERY nicely done!
Reply: Thankyou Jazzy! Thanks for the offer of help I am probably gonna take you up on that some time(s) lol and Thanks for your time and comments. xxx


JazzyBaggz: I can see why this song would be picked for you.. there's so much "realness" in the way you sing it and raw feeling... it's simple yet intricate at the same time. Just a beautiful job, and I think you you going to do a fab job at the auditions!!
Reply: Darn, I was hoping you could give me some advice too:) come on girl, i leave tomorrow.. HELP ME!! :) Glad you had a listen, means SOOOO much to me that you took your time to listen to me wail acapella:)

Song: All I Ask Of You with Luly

JazzyBaggz: Luvly job u guys & Luly, u shouldn't doubt your abilities in this genre. Now 4 my critical observations, I really had 2 listen because U both did a nice job! Heres the couple things I caught. J: 1st of all I LOVE your tone on this.U added some extra air to your sound which was soo nice 4 this. The only little things 4 U I caught, was the note on "dom" from "Let me be your freeDOM" .. wasn't really there. Also a little under on "Anywhere you go let ME go too" (ME). That was it..U did awesome! L: as far as the head/chest voice thing. I don't think U WERE singing in your chest voice on this. I don't think you really ever do THAT much. It sounds to me like you use a mostly head mix and you have a FORWARD sound that gives you your strength, so I dont think the H.V. was an issue. I think people R just used 2 a warmer more open & classical sound, but I think ur sound worked fine! Only thing 4 u was the "Hall I want is freedom" "Hand you Halways beside me." the "H" thing. AWESOME JOB U2
Reply: LOL on the "H" thing Jazzy!! I have to concentrate so hard not to do that myself. When I first started singing showtunes, that was a huge problem of mine!! I can always go back and fix those little things here and there, so thanx so much for your wonderful help!! Cheers to you!!

Song: Stuck In The Middle With You

JazzyBaggz: had me a movin over here woohooo hehe :) great tune! You have a lovely tone!! and your overall pitch and presentation was pretty darn good on this.. It's kinda hard to hear to criqique b/c of the quality, but i understand your situation and why its like that. If I were to suggest a couple of things, I would say that I am DYING to hear you give a song like this a little more attitude and ooomph.. it begs for that! and on the "please" parts it was a little bit shaky.. I think it would have been a little clearer and right on if you let yourself add a bit more air to the sound when you go up to the higher part.. the end of the word please both times was better than the start.. I think you have a gorgeous voice and you did a really nice job of this.. can't wait to hear more from you, and I hope that you can solve that timing out thing so we can get some higher bitrates! :)
Reply: thanx alot. :D

Song: When God Fearing Women

JazzyBaggz: What a fun song this is! I love your bluesy inflections and the overall tone you had on this one! a little Hard to understand your words at times especially at the line that comes right before the chorus.. (the wordy one) a little more crisp attitude in pronunciation would help alot.Some slight pitch things happening like for example: the first time you sing "be my baby" at the end of the chorus is a bit flat. Love the playing around you did with this, and it was an exciting and enjoyable sub! good job
Reply: Thanks Jazz for the kind remarks and the critque... it's always appreciated on my page. :)

Song: Nobody does it better

JazzyBaggz: I loveeee this song :) it's just a lovely one.. so nicee to hear ya tina! soundin' lovely. don't worry, you'll get the hang of all the recording stuff! njoyed it :))
Reply: Oh Yikes Jazzy heard me sing! lmao, I canny sing like you hun though I WISHHHHHH I could! : D Thanks for your lovely comment. xxx

Song: My heart will go on

JazzyBaggz: nice and tender rendition of this beautiful song... very different treatment and unique to hear a guy doing this.. enjoyed hearing you! nicely done :)
Reply: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, you're actually one of my favorite subbers here :D

Song: Tell Me Why theme

JazzyBaggz: hey cool.. i did a song called "why" and you did "tell me why" .. today must be question day :) hehe.. nicely done on this. I really enjoyed hearing this.. it's my first time hearing this song :)
Reply: Thanks, Now all you and I have to do is sit back and wait on an answer to our questions.

Song: On My Own LIVE

JazzyBaggz: ohhhh amy... this is just beautiful girl.. I knew it would be :) I hope school is going well for you! I can't imagine that it wouldn't with all your talent... Thanks for letting us have a front row seat for your recital performance! huggs :)
Phill Cross
Phill Cross

Song: Hello Again

JazzyBaggz: Yay :) you induldged our wish to hear you :)) thanks so much Phil for that, and for all you do here.. you run a great site here that I am proud to be a part of.. Nice to finally here you ;))
Reply: Jazzy - TYVM I was wondering if you were going to visit ;) Thanx for the nice compliments. And I tried to sing - as well as try to make this a fun place for all. I appreciate your taking the time to listen & comment.

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