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Comments by JazzyBaggz

Comments by JazzyBaggz on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment

Song: Hips Dont Lie

JazzyBaggz: Hey Jess!! Long time no hear :)) So good to be hearing that voice again girl.. hope you are doing well. Fabulous job on this.. you sing Shakira so damn well! Loved it! ♥ Elisha
Reply: Elisha!!! I am doing great, hope you are doing good as well. Thank you for stopping in to listen! :)

Song: Boots

JazzyBaggz: hmm I guess i've missed some major drama on here or something.. Maybe i'm better off not knowing what's going on? lol Anyhow, as for the song, I really enjoyed my listen! :) ♥Elisha
Reply: Hahaha, Elisha, there are a multitude of dramas going on, it seems, but I know only of the one that I'm acting in. I'm a very graphics oriented guy and the admin took away all possibilities of creating graphics on SS. A very boring drama indeed. Thanks for dropping by and listening! Dan

Song: Heaven

JazzyBaggz: I love this song.. I only need to hear the first couple of bars and I can't help but start to smile :D Loved hearing your version!! ♥Elisha
Reply: AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwww... Thank you so much Elisha... so glad you enjoyed it!

Song: One of Us

JazzyBaggz: Lovely job on this girl! Enjoyed hearing your version :)) ♥Elisha
Reply: Hi elisha! Glad you stopped by...thanks for the compliment...i love all your pics by the way.
Rockin Kimmie Roo
Rockin Kimmie Roo

Song: Against All Odds

JazzyBaggz: I believe this is my first time hearing you Kimmie.. very sweet voice! Enjoyed your version of this great song!
Reply: Hi Jazzybaggz, Well- I don't know-- it may be your 1st time hearing me--- however, I think I have heard U-- because-- I think we competed on the same site once-- Audition now online? Is that U? U look familiar anyway-- what I remember was I was blown away by your voice! I will have to check U out on here. Thanks for U'r time and thinkin I had a very sweet voice! See ya!

Song: I am I said

JazzyBaggz: *sigh* really nice job on this Dale.. I hope you are doing well.. it's been a while since I've talked to you.. it's nice to hear your voice.. really enjoyed this my dear :) ♥Elisha
Reply: That is a FANTASTIC picture of you Elisha! I'm doing very well, now. My father passed away, but I'm getting on well now. Yes it has been a while since we've talked. But I like to say "we have all the time there is". That way I don't feel so bad about procrastinating. :) I would still like to sing something with you. Doesn't matter what. You pick it. Something dramatic would be more fun I think. :) I'll learn it and you can correct me when I'm off key too badly. Deal?

Song: No Ordinary Love

JazzyBaggz: I ♥♥♥ Sade... so jazzy and mellow.. This is probably one of my favs if not my fav of hers.. you did a great job of keeping this mellow with your nice breathy tone and low key delivery.. really nice stuff :) enjoyed this!
Reply: Hey Elisha! I think I'm with ya on this being my fav of hers. Keeping that breathy tone is pretty easy for me on songs like this because I tend to sing that way most of the time. It's probably my 'real' singing voice. I try to find stuff that's considered "breathy" because of that. I have a hard time with fuller, more resonated songs. Thanks for the listen, I really appreciate it! :)

Song: Don't Get Me Wrong

JazzyBaggz: O M G... this is a GREAT song. I haven't heard this in freakin' forever! Nicely done on this Deb! :)) ♥Elisha
Reply: Hey there, Elisha! I never hear this song anymore either, which is why I always like to pull it out live because where I go for karaoke they don't have the backing for it. Everyone always says the same thing: "I haven't heard that in FOREVER!" LOL Thanks so much for listening and commenting. It's a real treat to see your pretty smile on one of my subs :)

Song: Elephant Love Medely w JESS

JazzyBaggz: I just LOOOOOOVE this movie :)) this is just GREAT.. y'all sound wonderful together, and it's just a great production all around.. been missin' ya J. Hope you are well.. Thanks to the both of you for this beautiful listen!
Reply: Hey Elisha. Doing well thanx hun! I hope the same for you :)

Song: Rock This Town

JazzyBaggz: What a great high energy song this is.. i loved hearing your rendition! Sounds like you've got a lot of spunk and attitude that is needed for this song. I REALLY wish I could hear you better :( What exactly is your setup?? Maybe we can help you get a better sound with what you have! Sounds kinda muffled like you have too much lows or something.. I dunno. I hope we can help you cuz I'd love to hear a clearer recording!
Reply: Awww.. yeah, Im pretty hyper(uhh..high energy!), if there's enough drink in me! ha ha! I just record in the tape deck in my cheap karaoke machine, then use a microphone from my computer to record it into cool edit. It terrible, I know...

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