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Comments by LSS40

Comments by LSS40 on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online

Singer Comment
Lord Burnstrum
Lord Burnstrum

Song: Rake and rambling man

LSS40: LB, your voice and reverb sound great...excellent recording! Lee
Reply: Thank you kindLee
Lee Lesco
Lee Lesco

Song: Streetlife

LSS40: Talented writer-musician-vocalist, what can I say...fantastic! Lee
Reply: Thank you very much for your time to listen and comment my friend. Glad you liked it.

Song: Your Time Is Gonna Come

LSS40: Excellent performance in this genre...pro-studio quality! Lee
Reply: Thank you very much Lee, very much appreciated!! :)

Song: Canadian Sunset

LSS40: Hi Jerry, I just realized I posted an Andy Williams song and your last song is one of his. I assure you I didn't notice what you posted before hand and I am not trying to compete in any way; you are way better at your craft than me. "Canadian Sunset" is a great song choice and your performance is superb as usual! Lee
Reply: Not a problem at all ...thank you Lee!

Song: Elusive Butterfly

LSS40: Joyce, this is really nice singing by you and very much enjoyed by me...say hi to the "Hooligans" for me! Lee
Reply: No Hooligans needed on this one so that made it easier for me.. Thanks, Lee

Song: Funny How Time Slips Away

LSS40: Your rendition of this Willie Nelson written song is excellent Jerry, I can picture you as the lead singer in that band! Lee
Reply: Hi Lee...thank you for commenting as I appreciate your thoughtfulness. What in the world is wrong with people on this site. Did a cat slip in and steal their typing fingers? Ha...it's so quite and really uninviting when people don't share comments...perhaps you agree. Jerry
Lord Burnstrum
Lord Burnstrum

Song: The last time

LSS40: Sounding really good LB very much enjoyed! Lee
Reply: Sorry I didn't see this earlier/// thank you for your listen

Song: It Feels Like The First Time

LSS40: True to the era and genre and very well done! Lee
Reply: Hi Lee! Thank you for the nice comment!

Song: When Im Gone

LSS40: Ah huh, found you and the girls back here where I haven't visited for awhile. You are sounding very much true to the era and genre of this song Joyce...and very well done as usual! Lee
Reply: Thank you Lee..It's more recent than most of the songs I record..:)

Song: ROCK In The USA

LSS40: Hi Bev, really enjoyed this one...sounding great! Lee
Reply: Thank you Lee. :-)

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Comments by LSS40 | Karaoke Showcase | Karaoke Scene Magazine Online : Comments by LSS40 on Karaoke Showcase of Karaoke Scene Magazine Online
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