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Special Request!
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Author:  Phill Cross [ Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Special Request!

If you have a website please provide a link to Karaoke Scene. This would really help in this website ranking well in the search engines.

The better this site ranks - the more others will know about it. The more others know about this website the more people will become involved and participate. The more people that participate the better the website experience will be for you!

Text Link:
Karaoke Scene
<a href="http://karaokescene.com/">Karaoke Scene</a>

Image Link:
<a href="http://karaokescene.com/"><img src="http://karaokescene.com/images/karaoke-scene_logo_200x97.jpg" width="200" height="97" alt="Karaoke Scene" border="0" /></a>

If you don't have a website contact me or visit:
Cross Web Tech for a special price on a complete website.

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