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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:37 am 
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dsm2000 wrote:
Smoothedge69 wrote:
I have my own system for numbering my files. Since my stuff is all on computer, and I buy TONS of downloads, I just number them as they come in. Like KV-00001 DK-0001, and so on. When I am done, it looks nice in Karma.

Black Sabbath War Pigs KV-00001

Nice and neat.

Great - except I hate it when I go to a show and I can't determine from the song list, or the KJ can't tell me, which actual version of a song they have because they have their own numbering scheme.
Your renaming convention is a bit better than many as one can at least determine that it is a KV product in your catalogue.

I like to be able to choose my songs by the exact Disc_ID & Track as there are many songs that were done more than once by the same company and one or the other is vastly superior to the other.
I do my own numbering scheme as I download as well
KV1000-01 Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (example). KV = Karaoke Version. If it was an acoustic or remix version that would be reflected in the title with a different number
KV1000-02 Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (remix) (yes I know a remix doesn't exist just for example). I am willing to bet MOST kj's do not use the original download number as their identifier and simply rename the track as it's being downloaded - I know I do.
Hell for that matter most of the kj's I talk with do not use any kind of number any longer at all and simply rely on the artist and title with maybe an identifier in their own tag like KV but no original number. I actually treat each number as a 'disc' so KV1000 is the disc and the other number I treat as the track -01, 02. I put 15 songs per 'disc number' then move to the next ie KV1001, KV1002, etc...

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:47 pm 
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I abandoned the manufacturers' disc numbers by my second year in business, inspired by using a Sony 300 disc player at the time. Slots in the player were 001 through 300, so I just relabeled my discs 001, 002, etc with a marker, and began using song numbers in my book: 001-01 (for disc 1 track 1) 001-02 (for track 2) etc, but I always pre-appended the manufacturer initials to my disc/slot #. Thus a line in my book might be "SC-102-04 |All Star|Smash Mouth" meaning the Sound Choice version, on my 102nd disc, track 4. Input 10204 on the disc player, and up came that song. In the rare instances where there'd be 2 versions from the same manufacturer, I just typed the difference into the title so anyone who cared would know which is which.

Just stuck with 3-digit disc numbers after I went computer. I didn't have to name any files. Ripping disc 421 I'd use "421" as the root name, the ripper would name each track 421-01.cdg, 421-02.cdg, etc. so the results corresponded to the books I already had. Now I just input the song # on a numeric keypad to launch songs on the computer.

So along came downloads, and I just kept making up 3-digit disc numbers, but now a "virtual disc" holds 99 tracks (could be more, but track #'s are formatted as 2-digit numbers in my master data base). My first "virtual disc" was 650, so my first 99 downloads became 650-01 thru 650-99. Then I started my next disc as 651. Now I've got 19 virtual discs of 99 songs each.

Now this would have gotten ugly, but it didn't because I wrote my own Re-Namer Program (hey, that's the the subject of this thread!) to do all the work for me. My downloads accumulate in a folder, I periodically unleash the Re-Namer on that folder, and it assigns the song numbers for me, renames the files for me, and exports the lines for my song book with title, artist, manufacturer abbreviation, and my song number. My book is updated, and I haven't had to type a line.

Of course I spent 100 hours writing the program... I could probably type a few thousand entries manually in the same amount of time -- but what fun would that be? :)

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