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Author:  Bob Latshaw [ Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top Professional KJ Software

DannyG2006 wrote:
I would like to extend the slips part over below the rotation part so that I can read the messages better.

It can't span both because those two panels are on a sub panel that can rotate to 4 different clock positions in the settings. The reason the slips grid is placed at the bottom of the media panel is for many reasons. For starters, your rotation grid should be more narrow. Yes, you can adjust the size of each panel by moving the mouse over the grid borders and dragging. Singers names aren't usually more than one word and the only other text is two numbers and the word "Next". The media grid has far more information to show horizontally, and it's information that you need to see when looking for the right song. Also, if you get good at searches, the items you're searching for will only take up a few rows at the top, which makes the lower portion of the media panel rather unused. However, I've seen rotations of 50 or more people sometimes. Access to the entire vertical length of the rotation is important, especially in large shows when you are adding and removing people all night.

Also, and being relatively new to Karma you may not have known that if a message is too long to fit in the grid space provided, all you need to do is hold the mouse over it for a second and it will display the entire thing in a popup tool tip. This is true with any text that exceeds it's column in any grid in Karma.
tooltippopup.png [ 37.85 KiB | Viewed 3254 times ]
We learned that there is an advantage to hiding the bulk of long messages. Data shows some singers are using the message portion of slips to flirt with the KJ. It's good the KJ can keep them hidden until he/she wants to read them. Especially if the KJ's better half should suddenly walk in ;)

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