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Karaoke host as a patron
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Author:  Krisko [ Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Karaoke host as a patron

I just need to brag a little bit.. sorry guys.

It's not often I get to go out and be a karaoke patron these days. Between my day job, my night job and family life, I'm pretty much tied up all the time. This is my birthday weekend, so my wife gave me a pass to go out and do whatever I wanted... what did I do? I ended up at my show, but this time as a patron.

The karaoke host who put up some of my first karaoke songs now works for me, and I also have an amazing up and coming host working for me. We have such a great dynamic that we pretty well own the town for karaoke... despite the big city right next to us being a hotbed in Canada for shows..

I went out... drank beer, had shots bought for me... and waited for my turn. I forgot just how awesome that is. I got to have conversations that lasted more that 2.5 mins. 27 singer night. Only got to sing 3 times, but that doesn't matter... the bar was hopping, my seasoned host was awesome, and the wait staff kicked some serious (@$%&#!).

I left there tonight not only a happy karaoke singer, but proud of the show that we put on in there... it was seriously a moment where I realized just how awesome that is.

Just wanted to share that with you guys. This forum has been a great source of feedback, information, and experience and my show wouldn't be what it is without it. Thank you.

On that note... I'm drunk as a skunk and should probably go to bed lol. Night all :)

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