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I've started a karaoke roast channel
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Author:  toqer [ Wed Apr 06, 2022 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  I've started a karaoke roast channel

ToqerTV Reviewing karaoke singers a decade later.

For the oldtimers that know me, I don't need to explain much. For the new folks..

I was a fairly active KJ from 2000 to 2013. Not *just* a KJ, I broadcast video from our karaoke stage in 2004 and became somewhat of a prototype internet star.

Beyond that though, I also created karaoke software that was way ahead of it's time. First with auto-rotation, first with an online store, first with attractive kiosks. I spent many hours breathing heavy and rapidly typing on my keyboard here defending our right to move our CDG's to our hard drives.

Alas though, all was not well. The owners of the club I worked at decided to try and sell my equipment and software with the bar. When I told them they could buy it, they tried to hire some IT guys to steal it. I caught them red handed, went back into IT and never looked back.

Except I had amassed 1000's of videos of people singing....

One of my jobs as a KJ was to tell everyone, no matter how terrible they were "OMG YOU WERE SO GREAT!" Well, after a decade of not being a KJ, I am no longer responsible for telling you how great you are. No, quite the opposite. Not all reviews are bad reviews, but the majority of singers would make dogs howl. So now I'm going through my archive one by one, giving people the straight gist on what I think of their performances.



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