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Can someone explain the various Sunfly collections to me?
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Author:  Harrington [ Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Can someone explain the various Sunfly collections to me?

First they have the "Hits" series which numbers up to 400 disks right now, so the largest collection they produce. Then there's other smaller collections; Kool, Legends, Platinum, Most Wanted, Essentials, etc. Are the songs in the smaller collections just subsets of the larger "Hits" collection, or are they comprised of different songs?

Author:  Buster79 [ Fri Sep 24, 2021 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Can someone explain the various Sunfly collections to me

The Hits Series was the original discs Sunfly produced, up to around disc number 150ish they were exclusive, but then they introduced the Most Wanted series which were released side by side with the hits as a dual pack, so the Hits series focused on UK Chart songs, whilst the most wanted was focused on Requests.

The Karaoke Kool was released for the Australian market based on Australian Charts. Sunfly In Demand were an equivalent to Most Wanted, again released for the Australian market, but only made 12 discs due to Sunfly closing their Australian Operation in about 2009.

Sunfly Platinum Artists was short lived, compilation discs that had a couple of artists due to laws in UK about how many tracks by a particular artist could be produced on one disc, this lead to the Sunfly World Stars series, which allowed them to release artist discs through their Australian Arm, which continued after the license for Sunfly in Australia was purchased by Karaoke Home Entertainment, but that finished in about 2018 or so.

Decade Packs were sold for 70's 80's 90's as packs for home users, along with the Hot Hits Series. The Gold Series was again UK based, mostly re-releases focused on particular artists. Then there are some smaller releases such as the Irish discs and single artists Tom Jones, Bond Themes etc.

They no longer produce discs, only single tracks released for download on their UK website, which is blocked to some countries, not sure what the latest status is in USA.

Hope that helps...

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