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Question about adding songs to my MagicSing ET23KH
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Author:  katiyonce [ Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Question about adding songs to my MagicSing ET23KH

Hi there,

I have a bunch of songs that I purchased for my MagicSing ET23KH.

I know I can take the CDG and MP3 files and onto a USB and then select the CDG Karaoke fuction from the App and I'll see a list of the songs and I can play them from there.

But is there anyway to add them to the internal chip? It would be nice to access all the songs from the same menu? I had read something that it can move files over to the internal chip if you choose "USB CONTENTS" but I haven't tried because I don't know what file type they need to be for the internal chip.

Is there a way to at least clean up the way they are listed in the CDG Karaoke function? It lists each song twice (MP3 and CDG file) so it's messy to scroll through them.


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