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Author:  chrisavis [ Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Karaoke related Startup

I am toying with pulling together a startup for a project I have been fleshing out for a couple years now. I don't have the technical skills to accomplish what I want to do so I will need to get other folks involved.

I am strictly in discovery mode and not prepared to discuss details of the project at this time. Just looking to the community to see if there are folks capable of filling the skills I will need.

Skill sets needed -

SQL - Preferably Microsoft SQL and more specifically SQL in Azure. I will entertain other DB platforms with good reason to do so.
iOS and Android App developer
Windows Phone App developer (not a priority at this time)
Web App developer - HTML5, Java plus whatever else may be needed
Windows Desktop App developer
UX designer - I will need 1-2 people. 1 for Web and 1 for mobile apps

Please PM me if interested.

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